Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Bunny

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Yarn Wrapped Easter Bunny EggEaster is rolling around rather quickly, which means I know a bunch of you will be decorating Easter Eggs fairly soon and I have a fun craft for you to add to your list: a Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Bunny! Isn’t he just the cutest? Wouldn’t he look awesome with your dyed Easter Eggs?

The Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Bunny is easy to make, though I recommend using a thicker yarn if you want to cut down on the time he takes to make.


Plastic Easter Egg (preferably white, but any color works)


White and Pink Felt

Google Eye

Hot Glue

PAAS Egg Coloring Kit

Hard Boiled Eggs

Felt Bunny FaceFirst, cut feet, nose and ears out of felt — hot glue the pink inner ear onto the white outer ear.

DIY Easter Egg BunnyHot glue both ears to the back of the egg.

DIY Easter Egg BunnyInsert the yarn into the egg and close the egg.

Yarn Wrapped Easter EggBegin to wrap the yarn around the egg, going to the bottom. Hot gluing in place as you go. Once you get to the bottom, work your way over the yarn, filling in any gaps and moving to the top.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Egg BunnyHot glue on the eyes, nose and feet.

Simple Yarn Pom-PomMake a yarn pom-pom and glue to the back of the bunny. To make my pom-pom, I wrapped yarn around two fingers a bunch of times. I then tied it around the middle. Cut the loops on either side and fluff.

PAAS Easter Egg DyePAAS Tie Dye Easter Eggs and Yarn Wrapped BunnyDye some hard boiled eggs using PAAS Egg Dyes – they have SO many options available now! I definitely recommend adding the vinegar according to the box. I was out, so my eggs came out much lighter than I typically like.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Egg Easter BunnyPlace the dyed eggs in a bowl and add your adorable little egg bunny!

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