September 29, 2009

Feeling Festive!

I was feeling festive and decided to spice up the blog a few days early! 

Would love to see everyone's halloween decorations... feel free to share a link in the comments section!  I'm working on a banner for my front door and will post when it is complete.

October is a very busy month for us - my parents 32nd Wedding Anniversary, 6 birthdays (including my daughters 9th) and of course, Halloween.... oh and I can't forget my fabulous girls long-weekend christmas shopping extravaganza - only 3 days until we leave! Yippee!

Happy soon-to-be October!


  1. I love it!! Adorable. You've inspired me to change my colors for the big spookfest. Came over from SITS and am so glad I did!

  2. Stopping by from sits:) Your October sounds like my november.. triple birthdays, 2 anniversary husband birthday and Halloween! Love it!

    if you get a second, please stop by my Blog For a Cure blog party at Its a fun way to get some new followers, win prizes and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma society!

  3. Thanks for stopping by today! I have refrained from whining about Vermont in my blog, BUT I can still do it in comments! LOL! Good grief, I can't believe people live here. We came from Dallas where everything was a couple of minutes away, didn't require a tank of gas to get to OR taking life threatening jaunts in an auto during 9 months of snow. Okay, that's my comment whine.

    Love your site. I have a Halloween banner from last year I'm putting up. (Not that anyone but my husband will see it...oops, there I go again.)

  4. Hi - popping by from SITS. I haven't started decorating yet. And I don't have much, but I'm hoping to grow my collection in the future. I know my kids will love seeing the decor!


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