Traveling Matchbox Car Bag/Mat

I finished the project I was working on that I mentioned in my last post!  I am really excited about this little tote I came up with!  It has an attached car mat.  Perfect for home or on the go.  Put your little mans (or girls) cars in the bag for storage, fold out the mat, play, play, play and then when it is time to pick up, fold the mat up, put the cars back in the bag and off you go!
This idea came to me while trying to figure out what to do for my nephew for Christmas. I thought of several different ways to execute it (movable road with velcro, mat folds out of the bag, etc) and decided that this was the best way for me.
Pretty simple to do, but it was a bit time consuming cutting the road and fitting everything together.  I did not use Wonder Under, but it would have made it easier I think. Unfortunately I was a bad blogger and  didn’t take pictures throughout the process.
Basically I cut out the tote squares and then measured the mat piece so that it could fold twice and velcro to the side of the tote.  I sewed the mat pieces onto the green fabric and then sewed the mat to the tote fabric (three sides, left the side coming out of the bag unsewn).  I then sewed the top seam of the tote and the left side and bottom of the outside tote, placed the mat into the seam of the right side of the tote and sewed that shut.  I added the velcro to the tote and the mat (wish I had added it to the mat BEFORE I sewed the two pieces of fabric together so that you don’t have the velcro stitching on the mat itself).  I then sewed a liner, placed it inside and stitched the two together. 
Happy sewing!


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