October 8, 2009

What are little boys made of? Weekly Round-Up #9


Who knew there are such things as "Talk Like A Pirate Day"?  I am deeply saddened that I missed this event (Sept 19 for you curious minds).  But so that you and your little guy can be prepared next year, check out Alpha Moms fun pirate costume idea.  Made from stuff found around the home (a paper bag, paper towel tubes, electrical tape) it is a creative and easy way to have a fun day of pirate talk!


My little guy drums on pots and pans, walls, you name it - he does it... so when I was looking for a creative way to make a fun drum, I stumbled upon this post and just had to share.  Simple Analogy used soup cans and a balloon to make this neat little toy that most boys would love!  Staple two plates together filled with rice and you can have your own little percussion section!


Perfect for the little explorer in your life!  Following the theme for this week - this tut uses simple items from around the house to create a fantastic pair of binoculars that are perfect for exploring the great outdoors (ie: your backyard).  Hop on over to How Stuff Works for their quick and easy tutorial.

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