Super Heroes to the Rescue!!!

I finally got around to making this Super Hero cape that I featured way back when on my weekly round-up.  My son absolutely LOVES it.  He runs around the house yelling BATMAN and posing all sorts of cool super hero poses.  I made the otherside with a crown because we attended a birthday party that asked the kids to come dressed as princesses and princes… although it is VERY hard to get him to switch it from Batman, with a swift flick of the wrist he didn’t know the difference! :)  
Because my boy loves it so much I decided to make one for my nephews birthday as well.  He just turned 2 (three months younger than Mas) and they love to have the same things – pjs, toys, etc.  He loves it just as much as Mason does!  As soon as he saw his older brother put it on and whoosh around the house, he knew exactly what to do with it! 

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