December 10, 2009

Teacher gift and a pink yard bird...

I made these pear notecards for my daughters teacher (according to Cassidy, her teacher LOVES pears).  I found a great envelope template that I used to make the envelopes at How About Orange.  For the envelopes I used 80# coated stock and added a strip of double-stick tape onto the flap so that the user can pull off the backing and seal the envelope without glue.
The little basket contains some pink flamingo items, and is a running joke. Each Christmas someone in my family gives a gag gift that is something with a pink flamingo (we are not fans of the plastic yard birds!).  Thanks to my aunt I have this little lovely on my tree:
So this year I found a few items containing the fugly bird and made her the little basket, including notecards, pink flamingo socks and pins.
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  1. Cute idea! I always have a hard time picking out the teacher's gift.


  2. Thanks for sharing..

    maybe our friends out there are looking for something special for this xmas..? share this with them..

  3. Very cute!! I tried to comment the other day, but my internet pooped out on me!! Thanks for linking! I think this is a great idea!

  4. Your cards turned out really cute! The pear paper reminds of the downloadable stuff Lolly Chops has. Maybe I'll have to make my own set. Love the hint on how to make them sealable.

  5. Your cards are super cute! What a great teacher gift! She will love them, and I think the pink flamingo thing is so much fun! Thanks for linking today! :)

  6. I want to thank Katie for for pointing out that the paper came from LollyChops. I couldn't remember where it came from and I can't believe I forgot to post that the envelope paper was not my original work (as most of the stuff I do is). So yes - if you would like to rock the pear paper for the envelopes you can find it here:

    Thanks again Katie!


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