Get this party started on a Saturday night…

Well technically its Sunday, not quite Monday, but hey!  Craftaholics Anonymous is hosting a Stumped Party today and I have two projects in my home that have me just that – S.T.U.M.P.E.D – STUMPED.
Well, possibly just one, because I have awesome readers who send me pictures of their own corner fireplaces that give me great ideas.  However, I haven’t made my final decision, so check out this post to see my fireplace and let the ideas start rolling!
And then there’s this:

My daughters windows… or more to the point – BIG ARCH WINDOW.  What do you do with that?  It looks great from the outside, and fills the room with light, which is great – except for naptime and morning!  At almost 8 months, she doesn’t mind it yet, but as she gets older, I forsee a problem.  We could pay mega-bucks to get custom blinds (the window is an odd size so they don’t have standard arch shades for it), but I think there is a better, money saving way out there… and I’m hoping someone reading this can help me out!  I do plan on putting some blocks on the window sill where the owl is to spell out her name, but that won’t stop the light!
Happy Idea Sharing!


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    I had windows like this in a previous home, and had the same problem. I wasn’t going to pay $600 for a custom made blind, so I made my own. PVC pipe and elbow joints! I just bent it to make a frame, and then sewed fabric panels (alternating sheer & solids for light) and gathered at the bottom center with zip ties, before finishing off with tassels. It looked better than the $600 ones! (and cost about $15!) Let us know what you decide to do! I’d love to see!

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    I think Hissyfits and Halos is onto something with the the pvc pipe.

    Here’s the direct link to Alida L’s arch window post: It took me a minute to find her post so I thought I’d share the direct link to make it easier :)

    You could also try making a fabric fan using fabric stiffener and an iron. Get some heavy fabric, iron pleats like you would a paper fan. Make sure the creases are nice and crisp. Then spray fabric stiffener (like Stiffen Stuff found at Michael’s) over the entire thing. You’ll want to drench it in the stuff. But fabric stiffener does a good job at making fabric stiff.

    Another idea is to get several shutters, like 10, attach them to together side by side, with gorilla glue or something, and then cut out the arch shape. You could have fun painting and distressing the shutters to match your cutie’s room, hang decorations, a wreath, etc on it.

    Well, hopefully that helped a tiny bit and at least gave you something to think about. Good luck! Would love to see what you do.

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    I had thought of doing some sort of fan idea, but wasn’t sure how I would make it work – the fabric stiffner sounds VERY useful.

    I could also see making the cardboard covered in fabric idea into some sort of picture/art display for added detail…

    I have a lot too think about! :)

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    I envision flexible tubing (stiff waterhose, pvc, etc) wrapped in fabric and three curtain panels glued on to the flexible tubing. They can be tied off with tassles, or let down to block some of the light and view into the room. It could be nice to have a heavier fabric in the arch with lighter fabric hanging to the floor.

    I’m excited to see what you come up with!

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    I had something like this- not as arched- at my old house in my dining room. I wanted to use finials but the fabric was too heavy so I used a rod. You could not tell the window was arched which did NOT hurt my feelings. :} My drapes weren’t made to keep light out as you are wanting but you would do basically what you have but don’t use sheers. Have something with lining and blackout lining so you can draw the drapes at night.
    I will send you an email with a picture of it.

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    They make cheap little paper window shades for that same type of window at Home Depot. I think we paid about $10 for ours and they just fold together and stretch out like a fan at the other end.

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