My Hubby is the BEST!

I know, I know this is my second post of the day, but I just HAVE to share what my hubby did. 
I received a call at lunchtime from Jake (the Hubs) telling me he thinks he accidentally sent an email to my work email and could I please delete it because it was confidential.  We hung up and I checked my email and sure enough, there was one, but it was from our home email.  It was an order from Amazon. ???  Of course I was confused until I saw this:
My hubby and I, we are admittedly tech geeks.  We have a huge flatscreen LCD TV with surround sound, Blu-Ray player, Xbox, my Garmin Lula (GPS – I call her Lula), a laptop, a netbook, a 60GB internal drive camcorder, a digital camera and of course cell phones.  We love all the latest gadgets!  And now, now I’m getting a KINDLE! Yes, one of these gorgeous, sleek little babies:

All I did was email the Hubs saying that I would love a Kindle, because I was sick of reading my books on the laptop, and hmmm – maybe I would steal his new Netbook and use that because it was lighter and easier to cuddle with.  (I know, I know – I LOVE to hold a good book in my hand.  I love the smell, the flipping of the pages… but a new age is upon us and I have already jumped on it by reading electronically via my laptop, but a Kindle closer resembles holding a book, and you can curl up in a chair and read it the same way, so YAY to Kindle and YAY to helping the environment!).  Anyway, not two hours later, I had this wonderful email in my inbox and I just had to share.
Thank you so much my darling husband!  I cannot WAIT for it to arrive.
Happy Reading ladies!
PS ~ For any of you eagle eyes out there, I was so excited I even posted this outside of my normal 7:33 timeslot.  Yes, yes I am a little OCD like that!


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    a kindle. i’m totally in the dark about technology. but i’m definitely a geek. i shall google it. also. my current most post is titled “my husband is the best”, too! except. there are a couple more words to mine.

    happy sitsfest saturday!

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