Hi, seven thirty three Readers – I’m so happy Kim asked me to guest blog today. Her Creativity Week has been amazing, right?

So let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Kimberly, and I blog over at Attempting Creative. I’m a twenty-something single gal livin’ it up in Alabama. When I’m not crafting, I write for a national publishing company, so I get lots of great ideas from the magazines we publish.

My creative genes come from my mom, and my stubborn inability to give up on something comes from my dad—I see many crafty failures through to their glorious crafty resting place.

I love the color green and cupcakes. I have given up on growing tomatoes and staying up-to-date on my scrapbooking. And this year – I hope to learn to sew and make my first soufflé.

So here’s what I’ve got going on over at Attempting Creative.

I love holidays – any reason to make a craft, I say! I’ve just started posting St. Patrick’s Day ideas. Check out these pillows.

I try to do tutorials with most posts, like this Valentine’s Day Pom Pom Wreath. Check it out here.

I also love to cook – well, love trying to cook – and sweets are my favorite. I whipped up these Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting Filling for Valentine’s Day. February has been Foodie February, and I’ve been sharing some of my favorite recipes each day.

And any post at seven thirty three’s Creativity Week wouldn’t be complete without a quick project. So here’s mine – Quick and Easy Pencil Holders. I (almost) guarantee you have everything you’ll need for this in your home already.

What You’ll Need:

An empty aluminum can
Scrapbooking paper
2-inch punch of your choice
Initials printed on cardstock

What You’ll Do

Wash out and dry your can. Then remove the paper label.

Pick a scrapbooking paper or decorative paper of your choice. Measure the can’s height from just under the thick lip at the top of the can to the bottom. Mark the length on the back of the paper and draw a line with your ruler and pencil where you’ll cut. Then cut the paper at that line. Glue the paper to the can and wrap the paper around, gluing in a few places as you go. You’ll have a point in the back where the paper meets. On smaller cans, you might have to cut a little of the length off. On larger cans, you might have to add a patch.

I printed off my initial in a few different colors and styles.

Then, using a paper punch in any style or size, (I used a 2-inch square punch and a 2-inch circle punch, both with scalloped edges.) punch out the initial. On the opposite side of where the paper ends meet, glue the letter on – and you’re finished!

And voila – you’re finished! A great (inexpensive and super easy) pencil holder – or marker holder, or pen holder, or anything-you-can-think-of holder!

Thanks again for having me today, Kim!



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    oh gee. i love red velvet cake and i do not need to learn any new ways to make it. that will just give me more excuses to eat it, and i do not appreciate it! lol well now that i’ve discovered your yummy looking cookies i will just have to try them. darn you.
    glad to have found your blog, it looks like a cool place to hang out :)

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