Olivia’s Candy Shoppe – Another Sneak Peek

An apron, a fairy wallet and a cupcake stand, oh my!  These are all my currents projects that I can’t wait to share with you!  Lots of fun things in the works, so keep your eyes out for some fun stuff coming your way. 😉
I purchased a pinanta for Olivia’s first birthday party and then realized, “Wait.  These parents are going to KILL me if I have a candy bar PLUS a pinata”.  Talk about candy overload.  I wasn’t willing to return the pinata so I started to brainstorm what I could put into it instead of candy.
(What?  How does a donkey fit in with the Candy Shoppe theme?  Well 1) you always see burro pinatas in candy stores, duh and 2) It was $7.99 at the Christmas Tree Shop.  How could I say no?)

I decided on little toys and hair ties… but I didn’t want to go TOO chinzy because then the parents would hate me anyway!  I know they sell a bag of toys for pinatas but they are so junky that it just isn’t worth it.
I ended up going to the Christmas Tree shop and searched through the toy section for little items that would actually get used and not trashed.  I found some really fun little things… hackey sacks, rocket balls, bugs, pirate eye patches, squirt guns and more for the boys.  For the girls I found cute barrettes, rings, necklaces, bubbles and more!  I also found a really cute set of mini musical instruments and shoved those in as well.
I had already stuffed the pinata so to take the picture I had to take some items out… all of those items happened to be for the boys… oh well!
Should be interesting to see how the kids react as the contents spill from the pastel donkey!
Happy Party Planning!

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