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Hi there! I am so excited that Kim asked me to come visit and share a tutorial!
Michelle, from A Little Tipsy here!

Here are a couple of my favorite projects.

Now for the tutorial, I wanted a cute new accessory and in the honor of things warming up, I made a fun Interchangeable Butterfly Headband.

I went on my quest and found this dandy three pack of headbands at the Dollar Tree. I am good with 33 cents!!

Next, I headed over to Hobby Lobby and found these little beauties for $1.99! I did a little dance in the aisle. I love the colors and the little wings are made out of stiff feathers which gives them a cool texture.

You could easily glue the butterflies right to the headband, but I wanted to be able to switch out colors. The butterflies came with a wire sticking out of them, so I just secured the wire in the butterfly better with some glue and wired it right on to the headband.

Now, I can wear them and change them around as I please! Easy Peasy!!

I think I might go get some of those permanent stick black velcro dots and attach the butterflies with those so they are even easier to change out.

Thanks again to Kim and hope you’ll come visit me soon!

KIM HERE!  I just had to say, How sweet are those?  I better make a shopping trip soon because I know my daughter will die when she see’s these!  Thanks for a great accessory Michelle!  Michelle has such fun ideas, you have to go check her out!


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