This past weekend I hosted a Camping Themed Baby Shower for my Sister-in-Law, who is pregnant with her second child.  I decided on a camping theme because a)it’s a boy and b)the mom and dad-to-be love to camp.  It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast.  

Below are the details:
I created the invitation and had them printed at Costco.

I borrowed my aunts chocolate fountain which is oh, so delicious! We had marshmallows and graham crackers so that we could make s’mores. I alsohad strawberries, pineapple and bananas to dip. I made the hello baby! banner and the kids and I made the birdhouses which we got from JoAnn for $1 each.  I got the idea to make the terra cotta pots cupcake stand from A Girl and a Glue Gun
I added labels to the water bottles which matched the invitations I made.
These were my daughters Littlest Pet Shop birds.  They were on the counter and when I turned around someone put them like this on the plates… still not sure who but I thought it was so sweet!
Special places for the guests of honor, Mom and the soon-to-be BIG SIS!
This is the outside food table.  It also had the envelopes that I put together that held a celebrity baby name game sheet, a paper diaper game, a thank you card envelope and a pen, more details on the contents below.
What is a paper diaper game you ask? Cut a bunch of foldable diaper shapes out of paper.  In one diaper you add a spot of brown for, well, you get the drift.  The person who finds the messy diaper wins a prize.  It was fun to hear the winner yell “YES! I HAVE THE POO!”.
I added the thank you card envelopes to the package as a way to draw a grand prize winner.  Each person wrote their name and address and then I collected the envelopes and we drew a winner.
 I made a bunch of woodland creatures masks for the kiddos, because what is camping without a bit of wildlife?
 As I was driving home from work one day I was brainstorming what I could do for little favors for the guests.  I was thinking up sayings to do with pregnancy and kept coming back to the #1 question asked of pregnant women, “So when are you going to pop?” (when are you due, etc).  As I was thinking about this I thought, LOLLIPOPS!  And the idea was born.  I think they turned out cute and had lots of comments on the funny tag. Feel free to download the tags for your own personal use –

Download the “Look who’s ready to POP!” Lollipop Tag in boy colors.

Download the “Look who’s ready to POP!” Lollipop Tag in girl colors.

Here is the mom-to-be showing off the pillow I made for her little man. I also made this sash for the big sis using a freezer paper stencil.


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    Fantastic shower, you outdid yourself. I have been to a shower with the poo game. I believe mustard was used, so it was even a little stinky. We had fun waiting for the winner to yell I’ve been pooed!

    I love the lollipops, perfect idea!

  2. says

    How cute! Those favors would be great for Father’s Day too. Just change up the wording a bit but around here we reefer to our dads as pop/pops!

    Come say hi when you get a chance!

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    What a fun shower and you know that I LOVE the owl on the invitation! It sounds like it was a great day, because of your crafty talent! Thanks for linking up to Hoo’s got talent!

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    just found your blog from Two Savvy the party, and especially the idea of giving each guest a packet with games, etc. in it..I was wondering what I was going to do with all that stuff..and you gave me an anwer…thank you!

    • says

      Hi Shay! There is a link to both the boy and girl version of the tags right in the post. Just find the link that says Download the “Look who’s ready to POP!” Lollipop Tag. Have fun at your shower!

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