July 17, 2010

Do you need a Hooter Hider?

AKA Nursing Cover?  While, I found an amazing tutorial over at Ta Da! Creations so you can make your own!  No need to spend upwards of $40.  I made this one for my SIL for $10!

 It was super easy to do and took me 1.5 hours.  NOT BAD AT ALL!  I did make a few changes.  I wanted the bottom of the cover to be a bit weighted down, so the bottom strip I did just like with the one hour apron, this also allows you to skip hemming the bottom.  But because I did this, I didn't have enough of the light fabric for the straps.  I used the darker fabric instead and cut them 4" wide instead of the 5.5" in the tutorial, but they still work perfectly!  I also added a singed flower for a little flair.

So girls, if you need some privacy while in public, these are for you.  I used mine for both my babies, seriously, I would wear it through the mall and no one got any peeks!


  1. beautiful!! i need to pull out my sewing machine and figure out how to use it!!

  2. So cute! I don't need one, but if I did I would have one like this!

  3. I think those are so great! I didn't have a decent one with DS, and he had so many latch issues that I had trouble using it anyway. I am totally planning on using one next time, though!!!

  4. Cute! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!


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