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UPDATE: CREATIVITY WEEK IS NOW FULL.  Thank you to everyone that submitted tutorials. I wish I could use every single one of them, but we would have had to create Creativity Months!  But I do plan on featuring some of the projects during Fun Feature Friday’s, so keep your eyes out for some great tutorials!

ALSO – I think it is time that seven thirty three holds another CREATIVITY WEEK!  I had such a blast back in February sharing some great tutorials and giveaways that my readers submitted.  So here is the OFFICIAL CALL FOR CRAFTS for this summer’s Creativity Week, which will be held the week after this blogs YEAR ANNIVERSARY,  July 19 – 23.  Do you have a tutorial you want with the readers of seven thirty three?

Send the following info ASAP to 733blog(at)
1) Your name
2) Blog name and address
3) Info on your craft/tutorial
4) a link to your idea or if it has not been published yet, a picture of it (if it is not finished, then just a description is fine).

 There are only 15 openings, so get me your info quickly! 

I would also like to offer a giveaway each day, so if you have a shop or product you think my readers would enjoy, please contact me.  Your button will be included in my sponsors section for the duration of Creativity Week as well as a post featuring your company/shop and your giveaway.  NOTE: As a sponsor you do NOT need to provide a tutorial!

During our last Creativity Week we saw over 3,000 visitors during the week and many of the tutorials shared were featured on sites such as One Pretty ThingCraft Gossip and Someday Crafts which offered continued exposure.  seven thirty three has continued to grow and I know that we can expect an even bigger turn out for this summers event!  I can’t wait to see what you ladies have in store for me this time!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL, fun filled 4th of July.


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    KIM!! It’s been a long time girl! Have a great time on your vacation and I would love to participate in a giveaway for Creativity Week again. Let me know if that will work when you get a chance. :)

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