HOW TO: Changing DEFAULT Colors, Fonts, Etc.


Sorry guys.  This weeks post is out of date.  Blogger has made changes since I orginally wrote this up.  I also don’t have any how-to’s for next Sunday, SO let me hear it!  What do you want to learn how to do?  Leave me a comment or send me an email so I can help all of you beautify your blogs!
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    How do people get random pictures onto there blog – where do they get them from and how do you get the photos in the right sequence when showing a tutorial and then the writing in between.
    Sorry probably very easy but I amnot sure

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    I would love to know how EASILY use fonts from our computer instead of the boring default fonts. I am also with artsy_momma and want to know how to spruce up the ‘menu’ of links under the header so that it isn’t the same font and size as the post titles. Thanks so much for the great tutorials- slowly but surely my blog is getting prettier! :)

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