Two little sprays keep the monsters away!

When I was 12 and my little brother was 3, monsters entered our home.  You know, the monsters with one eye, a snaggle tooth and wiry hair.  The kind that hide in children’s closets and under their beds. Yea.  That type.

So being the older sister that needed to protect her little brother at all costs, I emptied out my Suave hairspray bottle, wrapped a piece of paper around it, wrote “Monster Be Gone” and added some water to the bottle.  I told him it was Monster Spray to keep the Monsters away.

Well, now I’m 28 and it’s my son that is 3… and Monster Teddy Bears have taken over our home.  Fortunately my Monster Be Gone has matured a little since I have grown and here is the result:

Monster Spray Free Printable Label

I did use a Suave bottle, but it was my daughters detangler spray bottle this time around.  I added water and a little lavender oil (which is perfect for relaxation).  We do two squirts each night before bed.  He thinks its fun to spray it up into the fan and watch it blow away AND he loves the smell.  I don’t know how much he thinks it repels those Monsters, but it is a feel good thing for him.  He enjoys doing it and it is routine now so adds to the stability of his environment, making him feel safe (there’s my Psych major coming into play).

For all of you that have a monster invasion, download the Monster Spray Label.

Do you have a little girl being harassed by the big and scary monsters, but doesn’t want anything blue in her room?

Download the Girl Version of the Monster Spray Label.

Print onto a full page label or regular paper and attach to your monster spray bottle.


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    I love this. My son isn’t scared of monsters…he is just starting to be cautious of the dark…maybe I can manipulate this spray to encompass this new fear. Thanks for sharing this GREAT idea!!

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