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My husband and I spent last week putting together our son’s new loft bed and accessories.  The set came with a desk so we needed to get a chair for it.  I ran to Staples and found these cute little chairs for only $20.  My daughter needed one for her desk as well, and I thought they were perfect.

The girl one was so cute with adorable fabric, but the only option for boys was black.  BLAH, right?  But, it was a decent chair and, again, only $20, so I said, “Ah well” and bought them.
I brought them home and then realized, wait a minute, I have this extra flat sheet from his sheet set (yes, I’m one of THOSE moms that doesn’t put the flat sheet on the bed.  It just ends up on the floor each night!), so thought that I would see how it would look on the chair. 
Needless to say I upholstered the chair in under an hour and this is how it turned out:
He loves it.  I love it.  Everyone’s happy.
This week I have given myself two tasks: come up with some unique, DIY house numbers and two, edge my recently reduced landscaping with pavers.  Not sure that I’ll accomplish both, but I’m going to try! 
I also can’t wait to show you girls my new Mother’s Ring I am getting for my birthday (THIS FRIDAY!).  We went to a local jewelers and found this gorgeous ring that the jeweler designed.  It is being custom made right now and won’t be done for four weeks, but I am SO excited for it to come in.  Thanks to the Hubs for an amazing gift!  He also bought me a vacuum cleaner… but he said it was because I forced him too so doesn’t count! :)
Happy Crafting.


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    Did you know that in many parts of Europe you can’t find sheets sets that contain a flat sheet? You get a duvet cover, pillow case, and a fitted sheeet. Or each piece seperately… Don’t feel bad we have switched over to buying filled sheets only as our boys (11, 14, and 16) just take them off anyway. Ikea have plain fitted sheets for as little as $7.99 (and some even come with a pillow case!!) We do use duvet covers which get laundered weekly (terrible allergies so this keeps blankets cleaner!)

    Great idea on the chair!!!

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    I really need to upholster several chairs, all four in the kitchen and the one at my craft desk. I need to get crackin’ and looking for tutes so I’ll have a super fabulous “after” like you do!

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