A little red in the face: CRAFT-ASTER!

I can’t believe I am showing this to you all, but I figured you gotta show the bad with the good right? So I LOVE this little Scrappy Clutch over at From an Igloo.  It is too cute, and her fabrics are to die for.  I’ve never sewn with a zipper but figured it couldn’t be too hard. I already had everything on hand save the fleece interfacing, but being the ever resourceful person I am I decided the warm and natural batting paired with my Wonder Under would do the trick.

So I’m not sure where the actual problem came into play, but my poor little bag turned out a little lopsided.  I think it was my “resourcefulness”…. the bulk was just really hard to manipulate in the machine.
OK, so I know you are all dying to see my result, so here we go.
This is Christine’s sweet little bag:

And here is my quirky itty-bitty bag:

It really is acceptable and less noticeable when it has stuff in it, but I am a perfectionist… so this beauty is getting gifted to my soon-to-be 13 year old sister along with a few other items.  She doesn’t care if it is “unique”. It is from me and she loves EVERYTHING I make her. 😉 
Can you guys please make me feel better?  Tell me about one of your crafting diasters… and if you have a craft-aster post share the link! Let’s spread the humor!


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    I’m slightly sad now, because your ‘craft-aster’ is prettier than anything I could sew in a meeellion years. Love the color choices, your lil sis will love it, of course.

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    I think it’s cute!! But I am so with you. I have a necklace that’s I’m posting next week that I feel the same way about. I have no idea what happened but it is NOT what I intended haha. Thanks so much for sharing. I feel a lot better!!!

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    Oh that’s so frustrating when those things happen. Wanna know how to make that all better? Go find an adorable little 4 yr old girl and give it to her. She’ll think you just gave her the world and won’t even notice the oopsie stuff. Then……….you’ll smile because you made her day. Problem solved. :)

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    Sadly, I don’t have the pictures up yet, but I had a craft-aster! My father-in-law requested some pants like the ones he got in Thailand, only he wanted them bigger. They came out looking like clown pants. Totally horrible, (yet, I’ll still be posting a tute on how to make them, they are super easy and in the smaller size, not so bad, I’m told they are very comfortable) Anyway, I brought them over to my father-in-law so he could tell me what he liked and didn’t like about them (they were my prototype, he’s getting some for Christmas and since he wanted them a certain way, I wanted to make sure I got them right) turns out, even though they look horrendous, they were EXACTLY the way he wanted them (well, minus the pocket that I refused to add, I love his wife enough that I didn’t want her to have to go out in public with him in that)

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    I just made my first wristlet a week ago. It was also my first attempt at a zipper. I broke 2 needles LOL I turned out pretty well, but I am ready to try it again and see what I can do to improve. I think my design is flawed, but that’s what happens when you fly by the seat of your pants (aka – don’t use a pattern)

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