HOW-TO: Do you Stumble it?

I have not used StumbleUpon, but I have had several readers ask me what it is and if it helps drive traffic.  So HERE is some info on StumbleUpon!
Do you Stumble?  Share your experience in the comments of this post.
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    I used to Stumble but I found I got more viruses when I used it. I don’t know if it is directly related to the sites I StumbledUpon, but once I stopped Stumbling, I stopped getting viruses.
    Other than that I loved the site. I found several useful/crafty/interesting sites!

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    I’ve been using stumble upon for years and love it! But be careful, it’s addictive! Once it learns what you like and don’t like you will find so many things to try or to stop and read! I’ve never had a problem with viruses but make you should make sure you have a firewall set up regardless of whether or not you stumble.

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    I started stumbling recently and I agree – it’s addictive! So now I set a timer to limit how much time I spend browsing. Feel free to find me there and say hi!

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