HOW TO: Stop Blogger from Rotating your Images!

Both Mama Lusco and Jodie emailed me that Blogger kept rotating their images and were wondering if I knew a fix.

Well, I do!  So if you are having this problem, read on!
There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to Blogger rotating images.  I have seen reports from all model brands and also using different edit software, so it is a glitch somewhere along the way.
But to fix the issue you can upload your images to Blogger as normal but instead of selecting Add Selected, click on the “From this blog” button (if you are using the new picture uploader).  Scroll to the bottom and select the image you uploaded and click on Add Selected.

This SHOULD fix your problem, but if it DIDN’T, do not fret.  You still have options.
Click on the My Account link at the top right of your Blogger account (if you are editing a post, then right click (windows users) and either open in a new window or new tab.
If you do not see Picasa Web Albums under your My Products section, then the More link under Try Something New and locate Picasa, if you are new to Picasa it will ask you for your name and email (I believe).

Once inside Picasa click on the album that contains your blog photos. Locate the photo that you want and click on it.  If it is rotated in this album then click edit and rotate the way you want it.

Once your picture is the way you want it, right click it (windows users) and click on Properties at the bottom of the menu. You now want to select the entire Image URL and copy it (Ctrl-C for window users).

Go back to your post, click on the insert image button, click on From an URL or From the Web (depending on your uploader).  And paste (CTRL-V for window users) in that URL you just copied.  Click on Add selected and you should be all set!
Hope this helped!


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    Hi, thank you for posting this, but sadly, none of it is working for me. I used to use Picasa to rotate the pictures, but since Google has forced editing in Picasa to go through Google+ (which I don’t and WON’T get) I am at a loss as to how to fix this problem! I can always upload the pictures to a sharing site and then copy the link and put them in my blog that way, but it takes so much time and just makes blogging a pain! Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you.

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