Need a little bit of quiet…

I have decided to make my kids a quiet book.  Maybe two or three… I’ve heard they can be quite intense.  Which I know may be a problem.  I have an issue when I sew.  I am a super detail oriented person, but NOT when I sew. 
I hate dealing with a sewing machine.  I hate to swap out the thread everytime I switch fabric colors or need a contrasting thread.  I guess I’m just lazy.  So it is funny because I am usually such a perfectionist, the idea of a quiet book and sewing is sort of laughable because I know it won’t be perfect, because, like I said, I’m a lazy sewer.  HOWEVER, I still think I can make a passable book that my kids will enjoy.
Do you have anything like that?  I mean I like to sew, I just try to make it as non-tedious as possible.  And I never measure.  Well I measure, but I never get a straight cut and I only iron when I need to.
So there really is no point to this post other than to tell you I am going to make a quiet book, or two or three, and that I know it is not going to be perfect or the most detail-oriented book around, but I want to make one, so I’m going to.
I’ll let you know how it turns out. Maybe.  As long as it isn’t too horrendous.
UPDATE: Check it out!  I finished it and I show you the shortcuts I used.
And because a post needs a picture – check out my cutie:

Happy Crafting and Happy Tuesday!
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    AT this very moment I am in the midst of a quiet book project – – but I’m doing it as a group exchange, so I make 9 of the same page, then get together with 8 other moms who all made 9 of a page and we swap…

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    I just finished a quiet book for my kids. I started back in September with hopes to finish before Christmas. It actually wasn’t as bad as I expected and I finished exactly 2 months ahead of what I planned. I too am a lazy sewer but it still turned out pretty decent. I wasn’t about to change the thread color for every little thing so I think I pretty much kept white or black thread in the machine the whole time and it gives it a bit of contrast like I did it on purpose 😉 You can do it! Like I said, it wasn’t nearly as rough as I thought it’d be.

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    I’ve made a few quiet books and here are some tips:

    Use felt for your “shapes” and things on the page. You don’t have to worry about the edges fraying.

    Use clear thread (works great in a sewing machine) That way you don’t have to switch out thread!

    Lay out everything then take a picture of it. That way when you are at your sewing machine you have a good idea of what you want the page to look like (when you have to take all your stuff off and sew one thing at a time…)

    Hope you enjoy the project!!!

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    i had no idea people felt the same wasy as i do! i hate changing out my thread. even on the other machine i have that has an ‘easy thread’ thingy. usually, i just use the thread i have and hope its not too obscure. well, really i end up just making things at a time with the same thread, then switch it up. OR use fabric simply because i wont have to change it. lol i am super lazy, and almost never measure. i also cut things with my rotary cutter and ruler-mostly to cut out the same shape as the ruler! aaand i dont particularly care if the lines are straight haha

    go for it. imperfections and all. i have found, that my son doesnt notice when the lines are crooked, or when there is a stray seam or pucker. he gets a smile on his face when i make him something. just for him. he sees the work that goes into it, and just appreciates. try to enjoy it however imperfect, it will be perfect for her.

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    ohhh and if you can do a tutorial so the super lazy out here (aka me) can do one too with minimal urge to throw my machine out the closed window.

    any tips on tension control? i banished a machine cuz i couldnt figure out the tension.

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