Silhouette Product Giveaway!

Have you heard of Silhouette?  I know, that is a crazy question in the craft world, right?
Well Silhouette is more than just the craft cutting machine!  They also have some pretty fun products that don’t require said machine.
Like what, you ask?  Well, check out their magnet paper:
And what about their new temporary tattoo paper
Super cool, right?  Well it gets better!  Check out what you can make with the tattoo paper:
{Melanie loves GUM (OBVIOUSLY!), Joseph is into Monster Trucks, and Mason is a total Spiderman guy! My son isn’t a fan of tattoos on his arms… pulls his little hairs, so he put it on his tummy and the rest followed suit!}

Super easy, and definitely fun.  The kids told me what they wanted for tattoos and with a little help from clipart we were in business.  The tattoos lasted until we put the kids in the bath and then they came right off.  The little amount of adhesive left on the skin came off with rubbing alcohol.  I must say I was actually quite impressed with how easily these went onto skin… better than store bought tattoos!  And the printing process was simple.  And don’t worry about when you pull the clear adhesive paper off to put the tattoo on – the sticky stuff that comes with it is OK!  I was worried I was pulling the adhesive off, but it was not a problem.

My son has already been asking me for a new one… I’m going to spend a little more time on the next one – maybe draw something up on my own.  So many possibilities!

Check back on Friday to see what I made with the magnet paper!

Alright, now to the part you want!  You can win your own package of Silhouette Products!
Silhouette is offering the following to one seven thirty three reader {$50 value}!

1. Make your own tattoo kit
2. Magnet Sheet
3. White Heat Transfer paper
4. Yellow Heat Transfer paper
You don’t need a Silhouette to use these products. You can actually use scissors for these products!
**Silhouette is also offering 25% off on all their accessories with the code: SEVEN{Special Offer runs through November 13th at midnight!}
Saving some SERIOUS holiday gift-giving cash!
How do you enter to win?
Visit Silhouette and then come back here and tell me what your favorite product is.
For an extra entry:
Follow the Silhouette Blog
Giveaway ends on Wednesday, November 10 at 11:59 PM EST.
*Restricted to US Residents only.
**May only win package once (can’t win from this blog AND another one).

DISCLAIMER: I received the same package of products as an opportunity to try them out to see if I would like to recommend them to my readers. Obviously I liked them and have passed the chance to try them on to you!


  1. says

    I so love the tattoo paper! It would be great to make clear “decals” on glass, thank way I can change out the designs on cannisters whenever I get a whim.

  2. says

    My favorite product is the magnetic paper … I love the idea of making paper dolls. I just got a Silhouette so my fingers are crossed that I win this!

  3. says

    I’m thinking that the tattoo paper would make create great “If found call MOM 123-456-7890″ tattoos for amusement parks, fairs, etc. Very cool!

  4. says

    I would love to try the heat transfer and the tattoo paper. Those are to two things I have not yet tried and REALLLLLLLLYYYYYY want to try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. says

    I don’t own a silhouette machine but would love too! I think my favorite product besides the machine would be the rhinestone starter kit. I love sparkles!

  6. says

    The Silhouette is on my Christmas wish list! I love doing paper crafts for my daughters birthday and this will be perfect for it! It will allow me to make more crafts throughout the year too!

  7. says

    i think i have a crush on the silhouette. i don’t have one, and it looks amazing. but, the tattoo paper looks awesome, and my husband leaves for india next week and I would LOVE to be able to send a ton of special tattoos for the kids they’ll be working with!
    i do follow the silhouette blog now. thanks for the chance!

  8. says

    These are so cool. They have the best goodies for cutting machines hands down. I love the flocked heat transfers, but would love to try all of these!!

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