March 31, 2010

Loving my ornaments from The Jolly Fat Elf


I had to share with you the ornaments I received from The Jolly Fat Elf.  if you remember she sponsored a giveaway here a few weeks ago for two of her custom Easter eggs.
I decided I loved her work so much that I wanted to get each of my kids an ornament for their Easter baskets.
Look at these beauties for my two girls:

And I wasn't sure what to do for my son so I gave Misty carte blanche.  I told her a little about what he likes and she WOWed me with this:
What little boy wouldn't like his own Spiderman ornament?!? 

They arrived beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving.  I am going to find a special spot in each of their rooms so these can be displayed year round and my hope is years from now they will be displaying them on their own Christmas trees!  And let me tell you these pictures are beautiful, but the ornaments themselves are even more so!

Misty is such a wonderful person to work with, and as you can see, she is now a sponsor of seven thirty three.  Show her some love and hop on over to check out her blog.  I recommend signing up to follow her so that you can see all of her new designs as they come out.

Happy Buying! 

March 30, 2010

I want to win!

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Head over to Holiday with Matthew Mead to find out how you can win the opportunity to have your blog or online shop mentioned in the magazine. Holiday with Matthew Mead is a "book-azine" celebrating and offering inspiration for the Christmas holiday season. To be released in October 2010, Holiday is offered via online orders only - in limited quantities - and will not be sold on newsstands. But, by simply following the BUY HOLIDAY MAGAZINE link below their banner, you can reserve your own copy of this beautiful magazine, with guaranteed delivery of the magazine straight to your mailbox! Holiday with Matthew Mead is144 pages of holiday inspiration with well-known and admired designers, bloggers and top-notch features, printed on beautiful paper and not drowning in ads!

Now, head on over for your chance to win!

The Easter Bunny is a Twicky Wabbit!


The Easter Bunny is quite the prankster at our house.  He hops on in during the night while the kids are asleep and hides their Easter Basket filled with all sorts of goodies.  So how do the kids find their basket?  Through a scavenger hunt of course!  They follow notes and scramble all through the house trying to figure out the clues and where the next note and, ultimately, their basket is.

The Easter Bunny has given me a heads up with the clues this year, so I thought I would share them with you:
On the table where the kids baskets were placed the night before they will awake to a note that reads:
Your basket is missing, where could it be?
Follow these notes and we shall see!
Maybe it is in your backpack.
Nope.  It's not here.
When you are hungry and ready to eat
do you use your hands or your feet?
(They go to the silverware drawer)
FORK! You guessed it, but your basket is still nowhere to be found.
What button do you push to make the water go round?
Eww... the toilet!  I didn't put it here
but don't you worry it is near!
When you want to watch a movie on a big screen TV,
you and your family go downstairs and sit on the...
COUCH!  You found it!
Love, The Easter Bunny
Do you have any fun traditions you do in your household?

March 29, 2010

DIY Monster Hot/Cold Pack

In case you missed my guest post over at Craft Envy (make sure to check 'em out, they're AWESOME!), here is my Monster Rice Pack tutorial:
My oldest sleeps every night with a rice pack I made her a while back. She loves the warmth and snuggles with it. I decided it was time to make one for my middle child so he could snuggle up too.

I would like you to meet KiKi (My son named him):
 And of course, a tutorial for you!
(I want to apologize for the bad pics - I was having issues with my camera...)

I ended up using scraps of fleece, flannel and felt that I had around the house. I find that fleece is a good fabric for these because it provides a moist heat.
I free cut my shape - I wanted it more of a "blob" monster so that the rice can be evenly distributed when it is laid flat in the microwave.
Next I cut out all of my embelishments, white circle for the eyeball and a smaller black circle for the pupil.  I also cut out three red fangs and yellow spikes for the head. I laid them out on the monsters body to make sure it would all fit. Here is when you pin it if you are inclined.
 I, personally, didn't want this to look perfect, it is a monster you know!  So I just winged it.
After adding the appliques I put the two pieces of fabric rightsides together and straight stitched all the way around, leaving a 3" hole in the side to fill with rice.  I then used a zig-zag stitch over my straight stitch to ensure a secure hold and not allow any rice to wiggle out!

Flip right side out.

Fill with rice (I rolled up a paper plate to make a funnel and poured the rice through it into the monster) and voila!

You have a little monster rice pack!

Depending on the size of your monster you heat it for 1 - 2 mins in the microwave. Test yours out, starting with a lower time and adding more time until you get the perfect temp.

These can also be used as cold packs by sticking them into the freezer.  They don't stay cold long (30 mins), but for a little one that is usually all that is needed!

Happy Monster Making!

March 27, 2010

300 Followers - And the winner is...


Woot woot!  I just logged into Blogger and saw that seven thirty three has hit 300 followers!

You know what that means?  One of you lucky followers are going to win choice from my Etsy shop,

Using, follower #55 has been chosen.  So who is #55 you ask?  Well using the Follower tab on my blog, I scrolled over 4 pages (16 per page), and picked #55 and that is...
MY LIFE AS A CRAFTAHOLIC, please contact me!  I don't have a way to contact you, so please email me at 733blog (at)  If I don't hear from you in 48 hours I will pick a new winner.

Thanks to all of my great readers!  I appreciate you all!  And remember, I'm looking for your pictures of crafts you've done that have been inspired by seven thirty three!  I would like to create a Reader Gallery where I can add your photo and link back to your site.  Please send them to 733blog (at)

We have some great things coming up in April!  So make sure to stay tuned.

March 26, 2010

FFF: Foofanagle's Adorable Headband


 I just had to add the name of this blog into my post title!  Foofanagle - how fun is that?  And there is even a story behind it!

Anyway, I just had to feature Suzanne's BEST EVER headbands.  How great are the prints she chose?  And I love that this is reversible.  My daughter wears glasses and has a hard time with headbands, so this is a great option for a comfortable band.

Here is my first attempt... had a little problem with the tension on machine so I was frustrated the majority of the time making this little beauty.  Still turned out decent though:
(Why didn't I have her flip the headband so you can see the black, white and pink fabric I used and was my fav?  What was I thinking?!? )

If you have a project or tutorial you would like me to feature during Fun Feature Friday, please email me at 733blog (at)

March 25, 2010

What are little boys made of? Weekly Round Up MckLinky Style

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Quick note - this is a boy's round-up. I didn't want to be a big meanie and delete the non-boy related items, so I left them, but I think from here on out, I will delete them.  I'm considering starting up a Sugar and Spice Little Girl Round Up... would you be interested?
Here are some fav's from last weeks party: 

How amazing is this DIY growth chart from The Phillips Fam?  I love the look and so simple to do!  Stop by and check out their easy to follow tut. 

And check out this cutomized tee.  I am Momma made this with a Clorox bleach pen, freezer paper stencil and some washers!  She has a ton of amazing boy tee ideas, so make sure to stop by and check her out!  I hope she joins us again this week and links up some of her amazing ideas!
If you missed last weeks round up just click the button over there (---->) to view the archives!  I wish I could feature them all, there are some amazing ideas floating around out there!
 Here are the guidelines: 1) please link to your blog post (not your blog main page) so people can go directly to your project and 2) Enter your blog name and in paranthesis add the name of your project so we can clearly see what it is 3) Don't forget, these should be BOY RELATED! AND PLEASE grab my button and add it to your post so that other crafty ladies can come join the fun!

March 24, 2010

Follow me/Everything is alright


Hey there all you terrific seven thirty three readers!  I am so excited to be approaching 300 followers (via Google Friends).  It is really great to see that people out there appreciate all these crazy ideas that pop into my head!
I have decided to do a "Follower" giveaway when I reach 300 (this is for Google Friend Connect followers only).  I will randomly pick one follower to win an item of their choice from reallyCRAFTYstudio.  If you're not a follower yet, make sure to hit the follow button on the right so that you don't miss out on this fun giveaway.

Don't forget to stop over at Craft Envy today where I am guest posting with a tutorial!

March 23, 2010


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You may have noticed we have a couple of new sponsors this month!
Make sure to stop by and check them out.
They all have some amazingly creative products and we appreciate all the hardwork they put into the items that they bring to us.

Headband Paradise

Craft Envy posted this quick crocheted headband tut on their blog and it inspired me to break out my crochet hook.  I made this cute little band for my littlest.  I love how it turned out (I didn't follow the tutorial from Craft Envy, just sort of "winged" it, but the tutorial looks good for those who may need it!).  The flower is just a chain and I attached it to itself every couple of loops.  Add in the button and voila!  I love how it turned out.  I made it 17" and then connected it as my daughters head is 17.25" in diameter, but it has stretched so I think I should have made it an inch shorter. Live and learn. It didn't take more than an hour, so I can always whip up another one!
Make sure to stop by Craft Envy tomorrow.  I am guest posting a new tutorial and it is going to be a blast...
What/who has inspired you lately?
Happy crafting!
Lots of great inspiration so make sure to check them out!

March 22, 2010

For goodness sake!


As I've mentioned before, my hubby and I struggle with keeping our oldest daughter on time and organized.  She is a total opposite from us in that respect.  I am early for EVERYthing (it drives my husband nuts - he is satisfied with being on time), and I am totally organized (OCD organized!).  So dealing with a child that is polar opposite is really challenging sometimes.  

A few weeks ago it really came to a head when it took her an hour to eat breakfast and put on a sweater and panties.  She was up in her room for a half hour when I called up to her and told her it was time to go.  She yelled down that she had to finish getting dressed and brush her hair and teeth and I was like, "WHHHHAAAATTT?"  I had gotten myself and two other kids ready to leave in this time period!

Needless to say my husband and I had a chat and decided that we were going to try to give her some incentive... spending alone time with mom and dad, watching a movie she wants to see, staying up a little bit late, that sort of thing.  She has to get ready in the mornings without me harrassing her every 5 minutes to make sure she is on task.  If she can make it through the week without morning reminders then she gets her special treat that weekend.
I created this little chart to help her remember to stay on task:
I posted this in her room and in the kitchen.  It has really helped her to stay focused without me having to remind her constantly.  She knows exactly where she needs to be and at what time.  AND we have even had a few days where she was early.

I also opened a Family Store similar to this one.  Our children can earn "Moolah" and use it to purchase items from the store (trinkets from Family Dollar, certificates to stay up late, or watch a special movie).  The kids love it and it has been working out really well.  I don't reward them for doing day-to-day chores that are expected of them, but rather for doing things above and beyond (making great choices, sharing really well, helping each other, etc). 
Happy routine!

Lots of great inspiration so make sure to check them out!

March 19, 2010


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UPDATE: 3/25/10 - I received the three beanies I ordered and they are GORGEOUS.  Very well made at such a decent price and with quick turnaround.  I highly recommend Smirk!.

If you haven't heard of Smirk, then you need to get you're little tush on over there!  Smirk is the perfect spot to go to get handmade beanies and headbands for babies, children and even adults!

Here are just a few of their product offerings:
The best part, you can pick your own color combinations out of 38 colors and sizes are available from newborn to adult!

NEW! Micah of Smirk! is now offering these adorable headbands:

You can get up to three rosettes on an elastic or wire band.  Wanna know a realy cool feature?  The rosettes are removable and interchangable! Micah also offers the rosettes as an applique.

Looking for a fabric band or a headwrap?  Smirk carries those too!
And of course she has these fabulous crocheted bands available as well:

I ordered up three beanies (the two pictured above) and can't wait till they come in.  One is for my nephew to be and the other two are for my girls.
Smirk! has so many options that you and your little misses have no reason to not accessorize again! ;)
Head on over and sign up to follow Smirk! so that you don't miss out on any of her creations!   
Happy Shopping!

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or given any product to review for this company. I had a good experience and found a great product and wanted to share it with my readership.

March 18, 2010

What are little boys made of? Weekly Round-Up MckLinky Style

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Look at these amazing projects from last weeks party:

 I love this ribbon bow tie - very cute and most of you probably have the materials on hand!  Similar to making bows for your princesses hair, Keeping It Simple shows you how to make the bow tie with a fabulous tutorial.  Now you can use ribbon to make something for your little man too!

Nancy's Couture amazed me with her T-shirt to Boxer Briefs for her little guy!  And can I just say my son would love for her to be his mama - she buys the perfect tees! ;)  Guess what?  She gives us a tutorial!!! So head over and check it out.
And how cool is that?  Mama's everywhere are saying "I need one of those!".  I totally agree with Somer at A Little Great and hating all of the little toys that get strewn about everywhere, especially when they don't have a real home (between Polly Pockets, Little Super Heroes and Dinosaurs, we're inundated!).  Look at this amazing bag/mat that she came up with!  Go check out her tutorial.
Thanks Ladies and don't forget to grab a featured on button!
We had an amazing week last week.  Let's see what you have for me this week!
And as always, a few guidelines: 1) please link to your blog post (not your blog main page) so people can go directly to your project and 2) Enter your blog name and in paranthesis add the name of your project so we can clearly see what it is 3) Don't forget, these should be BOY RELATED!  AND PLEASE grab my button and add it to your post so that other crafty ladies can come join the fun!


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