April 30, 2010

FFF: A Sled for your Slide!

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I was blown away when I happened upon Pony Tails & Fish Scales Towel Slide Sled!  I'm sure you have heard your kids yelling a thousand times that the slide is too hot, or that there is bird poo or ickyness (technical term) on it.  Well here is your solution!
Tere, the mastermind behind the slide sled, has some pretty fun ideas, so hope on over to her blog and check them out.  And don't be shy, hit the follow button. 
Happy sledding, er, SLIDING!

April 29, 2010

What are little boys made of? Weekly Party

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I LOVE this Rocket Party that My House of Giggles linked up last week.  She put so much detail into it so make sure to head over there and check it out!
 This Head and Shoulders Books is such a fun way to introduce body parts to your little ones.  Stop by Delicious Ambiguity to see how Jenn made it.

And the guidelines: 1) please link to your blog post (not your blog main page) so people can go directly to your project and 2) Enter your blog name and in paranthesis add the name of your project so we can clearly see what it is 3) Don't forget, these should be BOY RELATED (Big Boy projects are accepted too)! AND PLEASE grab my button - I would love to have a record breaking week, so let's spread the word so our guys can feel the craftin' love!

April 28, 2010

Sugar and Spice Weekly Link Party

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As you all know I am in major party mode right now, so I had to feature this gorgeous 6th birthday party that by little hands linked up last week:

So grown-up, the little girls must have had a blast!

And this transformation by Welcome to the Good Life... blew me away!  You HAVE to go see the before picture.
And now the guidelines: 1) please link to your blog post (not your blog main page) so people can go directly to your project and 2) Enter your blog name and in paranthesis add the name of your project so we can clearly see what it is 3) Don't forget, these should be GIRL RELATED (can be for us grown up girls too)! AND PLEASE grab my button and add it to your post so that other crafty ladies can come join the fun.

April 27, 2010

Friendly Tuesday :: Night Owl Crafting


I am so honored to be posting for Kim on her adorable blog today! Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Leslie and you can find me over at my blog, Night Owl Crafting!
I started this blog, because my personal blog was being taken over by crafts instead of my children and family events.  I have only had it for 3 months and I am having so much fun with it! Here are some of my favorite projects.

Now for the tutorial! I have a little one year old and I have just became interested in making her skirts! I am so excited to show you one that I made last week! So here we go! Here is the skirt that I will be showing the tutorial for!

Supply List
*sewing machine
*2 pieces of coordinating fabrics
*straight pins
*cutting mat
*rotary cutter
*Texture magic
*tape measure

First of all have any of you heard of TEXTURE MAGIC? Well let me tell you it is FaBuLoUs! It comes in a package that looks like this...
               Sorry about the glare, this is what happens when you craft at night (no natural sun light).

1. Measure
My daughter is a size 12 months, so you might have to adjust your measurements.  First of all measure about how long you want the skirt to be off of the waist of the little darling that you are making the skirt for. Mine falls a little below the knees!  For the bottom layer of the skirt you will add 2 inches to the bottom and 4 inches to the top for a total of six inches plus your desired length. I measured my daughter at 8 inches and added 6 to equal 14 inches for the width.  My length was 26 inches!

2. Texture Magic
I took my 1/2 yard of fabric and laid it face down.  Then take your texture magic out and lay it on top of the fabric and pin in place. It should look similar to this.
3. Sew texture magic onto fabric. Sew on top of the texture magic side. Take a rounded zigzag stitch up and down over the entire piece. I had to make my stitch length longer. It should look something like this...
4. Heat the texture magic.  The directions on the texture magic package tells you how to do this.  Take the iron directly above the texture magic and it will start to shrink. Do not apply straight onto the texture magic, just hold it above it. Isn't it amazing what it does! I am in LOVE with this stuff!
5.  Cut your texture magic piece. I cut mine 8 inches wide by 26 inches long.  This will be the top of your skirt.

6.  Fold under and pin each side that is 25 inches long. Then you will need to sew along each edge to give it a finished look.
7.  Put your top piece of the skirt off to the side and grab your other piece of fabric. We are now going to create the underneath layer of the skirt. Cut your fabric according to the size you need! Measurements on step 1.

8.  First you will need to fold bottom of the skirt 1/2 inches under and pin it.  Then sew along that piece to create the hem of the skirt. 
9.  Now for the other side. Repeat step 8, then you will need to fold down the fabric 2 inches and sew a straight line down to create your casing. It should look similar to this.
10. Attach the top of the skirt to the bottom of the skirt. Lay the textured magic piece on top of the other piece of fabric with both right sides facing out.  Then pin the top part onto the bottom piece. You will NOT need to do this to the bottom. This piece is designed to just hang down!

11.  Put the elastic through the casing. The easiest way to do this is to attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic to help pull it through.
12. Once your elastic is all the way through then bunch up your material along the elastic.  Pin the two pieces together.

13. Fold the skirt in half with right side facing right side. Make sure to pin it so that the top of the texture piece meets with the other side of the texture piece. In the picture I didn't fold it all the way, so you could see what to do.

14. Sew along the edge to connect the skirt together.

15. Cut any loose strings and the end of the elastic.

If you want you could make a shirt to go with it and matching hair clips. I am so into pinwheels right now, that I made a pinwheel shirt and matching pinwheel hair clips to go with the skirt. For the pinwheel tutorial you can go here. I am including a picture of my daughter in her completed outfit.
I just want to say thanks to Kim for letting me take over her blog to feature this tutorial. If any part doesn't make sense or you have any questions than you can email me at nightowlcrafting@hotmail.com.

Follower Giveaway Winner

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Alright ladies, the lucky winner of my design services is:

Congrats Amanda!  I look forward to designing your card with you!

April 26, 2010

Spoil YOUR Mom this Mothers Day... and Brides... and little girls too!

My friend wants to give her mom breakfast in bed this Mother's Day but wanted to make it more fun, so she asked me to design her a Room Service Door Hanger.  

Here is what I came up with: 
And of course I'm going to share with you!
Download the Mother's Day Room Service Door Hanger via Google Docs.

I would also suggest checking out this post for another great personalized Mother's Day Gift idea!  Shhh... this is what I'm doing for my mom!

I had fun making the Mother's Day Room Service Hanger and started thinking about all of the Weddings coming up and decided I wanted to make a door hanger to help out those New Brides:

If you know anyone getting married, do them a favor, download, print and cut out and deliver as a tag on their gift!

And since I'm on the roll with the freebies... I made some Dora cupcake toppers for my nieces 4th birthday and figured I might as well share.  The file is for the Dora topper only.  If you would like the matching personalized toppers, please visit my Etsy shop.  You will want a 2" scallop or round punch to punch out these toppers (of course scissors could do the job).
Click here to download the Dora Cupcake Toppers.

Happy Printing!

April 25, 2010

How do I add an announcement that stays above my posts?


This is another question I get asked a lot.  People have announcements that they would like to place above their first post on every page and they are unsure of how to make that happen.  Again, the answer is: SUPER EASY!
(Click any image for a larger view)
From your Blogger Dashboard click on Layout.
Click Add a Gadget (It doesn't matter which one you click - the image below may have more Add A Gadget's than your layout because I added them in with my template).
Choose a Text Gadget.

Type in your info and click save.
(You can change the font color, use bold/italics or add a web link with the buttons to the right of content).
If you used the Add a Gadget Located in your Blog Sidebar you will need to click and drag it to above your Blog Posts section in your layout tab:
Here is how it will look (plain jane, no color or flair):

Happy Blog Clean-Up!
Is there something that you are stuck on with your blog and you can't seem to find the answer? Send me an email and maybe you will see a quick tut on the subject like the one above!

April 24, 2010



Woot woot!  I just logged on and saw that I reached 400 followers and decided to celebrate... these milestones are BIG you know.  It feels good to be liked!
You guys know how much I heart you, right?
No?  Well then as a sign of my affection I am giving away MY DESIGN SERVICES!
I will work with you to design a birthday or shower invite, birth announcement or other event card you might need!
These will be customized to your theme and colors.  File will be provided in pdf or jpg format, depending on your needs.  You will be able to print as many as you want and can be sized however you would like. 
So whether you are having a dinosaur party, fairy princess tea party or have a baby you want to introduce to the world, we will work together to come up with the perfect design for your needs! 
How do you enter?  You don't!  Well, not really, you enter by being a follower via Google Friend Connect.  Just hit that Follow button over there -----> and you will be included in the giveaway!
Your event isn't for a few months?  That's OK.  I'll send you a certificate to hang on to that you can redeem anytime within one year!
I will pick a winner on Tuesday the 27th, so make sure to sign up to follow before then!

Olivia's Candy Shoppe - Another Sneak Peek

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An apron, a fairy wallet and a cupcake stand, oh my!  These are all my currents projects that I can't wait to share with you!  Lots of fun things in the works, so keep your eyes out for some fun stuff coming your way. ;)

I purchased a pinanta for Olivia's first birthday party and then realized, "Wait.  These parents are going to KILL me if I have a candy bar PLUS a pinata".  Talk about candy overload.  I wasn't willing to return the pinata so I started to brainstorm what I could put into it instead of candy.
(What?  How does a donkey fit in with the Candy Shoppe theme?  Well 1) you always see burro pinatas in candy stores, duh and 2) It was $7.99 at the Christmas Tree Shop.  How could I say no?)

April 23, 2010

FFF: Party for a Superhero


For today's Fun Feature Friday I am cheating a bit... because I am featuring my newest invite design.  That's allowed... isn't it?
I have a ton of events coming up in the next few months that I need to be designing invites for, so I have decided to get a jumpstart!  My little man is turning 3 in July and he has already requested a SUPERHERO party.  Here is the invite I came up with for the party:

Yes, I am super organized and a tad bit obsessive, but I love to party plan, so a jumpstart just allows me more time for details!

Look for more party fun to unfold as the actual event gets closer!

WHAT'S YOUR OPINION: Should I add this invite to my Etsy shop?
UPDATE: I added this invite to my shop, so come check it out!

Happy Party Planning!

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