January 9, 2011

Any how-to questions out there - and some blog design!

Bring on the questions?  I've gone through my list of questions to answer so if you need a question answered, give me a shout and I'll see if I can address it!
So in place of a blog how-to today I am sharing my latest blog designs!
These first three just went live this weekend so stop by and give the girls a big hello!
I've been a busy girl, but I love working on new designs, so give me a shout!  I widdled down the waitlist and should be able to get a new design out lickety-split!

Happy Designing!


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL, Kim!! I need to email you soon about a blog button... :)

  2. I have a blog question!! I want to add a "navigation bar" to my blog under the header. You know, "featured" "about me" "tutorials", etc...I do not need this to be a "true" nav bar but can just be a page or whatever where I can post links. I have read severAl tutorials I found by googling....but??? I just dont get it I guess... :( Can you help? You can visit me here:


    Thank YOU!!!

  3. I'd love to know how to make a column that starts as one, but under itself it splits into 2 columns - does that make sense??

  4. Your designs are always amazing and I still love mine :)

  5. Such cute desings.
    I too have a question - I hope you did not answer it already and I missed it ... If so, I do apologize!
    I would really love to add the party buttons of the parties that I join under each post that I link up - instead of the sidebar. They are becoming just too many ...
    I saw on some blogs that they resized the buttons to very small and this way added a whole bunch under one post next to each other. How can I do that?

  6. The designs are beautiful :)

    I still don't know how to number my comments...and I'm looking for a "user friendly" tutorial...you've always been wonderful with that!!!

  7. You know the "margins" on either side of a blog? I'm not sure if that's what you call the space where you've got the blue background with cute little graphics...but I'd love to know how to change the color or add a background to that space without changing the entire background of the page. Thanks for your time and any advice - also, thanks for running such an all-around blog. This is one of my favorite places to visit each day!


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