FFF: Kleenex Carnations

I was reading a book where a couple was getting married and made Kleenex tissue flowers and thought, “huh… wonder what those look like?”.  Of course I Googled it and found lots of references to Kleenex tissue flowers and found that it was a popular craft back in the day – very similar to the Martha tissue paper pom-poms you see all over nowadays.
I found a tutorial for how to make them at Wee Folk Art.  They are classy and sophisticated and SUPER SIMPLE.  I read several places that little girls use bobby pins instead of ties and are then able to wear them in their hair. 
Now go crazy, make Kleenex flowers galore!


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    I think this is so funny. We made these flowers to go on the homecoming parade float when I was in high school (late 1960s). It’s hard to realize that everyone doesn’t know how to make these. What goes around comes around.

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    I used to have lots of fun making these as a young girl (late 1960’s too). They were often used for graduation parties, parade floats or wedding cars (you always prayed for no rain).

    Kinda fun to see them show up online somewhere!

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