Holy Poster, Batman!

A little business before todays post: I never heard back from the Shabby Apple winner, SO I drew a NEW winner.

Congrats to Jen!

I love Cheri from I am Momma.  She has some great boy crafts and ideas.  She is the one who got me into freezer paper stenciling and has given me some really great ideas along the way, including this awesome Superhero Newspaper Poster, featuring my son as JUNIOR BATMAN! {Make sure you head over to I am Momma to see her Super Rex Poster that she mounted on a large piece of MDF 2 ft x 3 ft… and it only cost her $3 to print the large poster!}

I created the ‘newspaper’ in Illustrator, adding in the photos and using the Halftone pattern effect set to dots to make them look like images from a newspaper.  I printed it on 11×17 paper and then used spray adhesive to stick it to foamcore.

He loves it and picked the spot on the wall to hang it!  He wanted it low so he could look at it anytime he wanted, which I thought was super sweet… I may move it to his closet door at some point, but right now I’ll leave it where he wants it.
 We have since moved it up onto his shelf where he can see it from his bed.

I wrote the main article and the smaller (Who is Junior Batman) article myself and then found other articles around the web and doctored them up to fit my needs.  The main article reads:
Last week a pint-sized Batman jumped out of the shadows in Saint Albans, Vermont to help a lost pup. No one is sure who this mysterious black knight is, but witnesses say he has stunning blue eyes and a utility belt full of amazing gadgets.

Mushu, the wandering puppy that was returned to his owners, had taken to the streets after rushing out of the house when the door was opened. He had been roaming the streets for hours, lost and scared when Junior Batman happened across him.

“When Junior Batman showed up at my door, I was stunned,” stated dog owner, Kim Conner. “He was wearing a mask over his eyes and nose, and he had on this amazing cape But those eyes, I know those eyes…”

Happy to have their mischievous pet home, Kim and Jake Conner couldn’t wait to introduce the Caped Crusader to their children.

Cassidy and Olivia Conner were both excited to meet their hero. Unfortunately their son Mason was not home at the time, so they took this photo of Junior Batman to share with the boy.

And Junior Batman did not stop with the dog rescue, but has gone on to put out a house fire, stop a bank robbery, and catch a runaway train.

The streets have become a much safer place with Junior Batman watching over us.

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