April 4, 2011

My Burlap Monogram

ME: I am going to hang this on the soon-to-be awesome accent wall.
Husband: What is it? C for crow?
ME: A monogram.
Husband: What's a monogram?
ME: Our initial. You know, C for Conner?

Husband: Why?
Me: {eye roll and walk away}
Gotta love your man, right?
Despite my husbands opinion, I LOVE my burlap monogram!  It was super simple and super cheap!  The burlap was left over from my fireplace FAMILY banner, the batting was left over from my sons Batman quilt, and the board was something kicking around in our garage!

I am lucky to have a large format printer at work, so I created my C and bird (18" x 18") and printed it.  I grabbed my exacto knife and carefully cut it out.  I then laid it out onto the burlap (not as carefully as I should have since it was a little off center) and set to work painting it with acrylic paint (if I'm being honest it was a mix of acrylic and fabric paint because I ran out of acrylic halfway through!).  I didn't tape the paper down or anything, just was very careful not to move it.

I let it dry overnight.  The husband cut the board down to 19.5" x 19.5" for me and I basically upholstered the board with batting and the burlap and a handy-dandy staple gun.  First I wrapped the batting/burlap around the board, pulled it taunt and stapled one staple in the center of each section.  I flipped it over and made sure it was postitioned the way I wanted it and then continued to staple the sides.  I then did the same thing for the top and bottom, folding in the corners.

I love the end result and it is currently hanging on my newly stenciled (not shown in above picture) entry wall so check back this Friday to see the end result - and maybe there is something good involved for you too (hint-hint)
Update: View my newly stenciled wall here - The monogram really pops now!
Make sure to stop by tomorrow to check out my clever little key rack, new entry cabinet and decor.

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  1. Love it...simple, but packs a punch! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My husband is the same way! After spending 45 minutes making the CUTEST kissing ball ever...he says "Yeah but what IS it?" I said, "Adorable" and walked away!

    Love the little birdie on the monogram...it adds the perfect touch!

  3. I really like that! Well done. The birdie does make it special. Sometimes hubbies just don't get it, but we love them anyway, right?

  4. haha - too funny! I've had that converstion with my hubby almost exactly - about a jute monogram!! :)
    I love your burlap monogram - too pretty!

  5. this is such an awesome and easy creative idea..
    thanks for sharing

  6. Yup...my husband had a similar reaction when I hung up all of our initials on our family room wall. "What does that spell?" LOL.
    Love the burlap- great idea:)

  7. I love you burlap monogram. Now the wheels are spinning in my head on what I can do to the board I have standing by my sewing table...
    Marianne @ piecesofmymind-marianne.blogspot.com

  8. This is awesome. I love the bird, too. Are you going to link this up to the CSI project this week?

  9. Looks great! I'd totally print a teeny one and use t-shirt paint to stencil it on a shirt or skirt (maybe add a little ribbon/embroidery too). :)

  10. This is very cute. My maiden name was Conner so we might be related somewhere way down the line.

  11. awesome! My last name starts with a C too!! And your husband sounds just like my husband! I always say "STOP ASKING QUESTIONS< JUST FOLLOW MY LEAD!"

  12. Love the little birdie you added to the monogram. Totally cute!

  13. Yes, I love it - it turned out great, the bird added to it! I found you at CSI linky party, and I followed your blog. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Mary @ Redo101.blogspot.com

  14. I love this! You did a wonderful job!
    Susan @ homeroad

  15. Men, they just don't get it...but stop trying to create & clean and they sure pay attention then! lol! I luv it, very simple and chic
    Stop over sometime: tiarasandbowties.blogspot.com

  16. How lovely is THIS?! GREAT JOB!!!

    I'm just in love with burlap and its versatility!!!


  17. Just to let you know we are featuring this on the Canvas Corp blog today...we love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. I'm having a linky party on my blog that will be running through the end of the month and I would be oh so happy if you linked up some of your DIY's! Thanks! :) -Sophie



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