Olivia’s 2nd Pinkalicious Birthday Party {PICTURE HEAVY!}

Pinkalicious Birthday Party
I am so excited to share with all of you my daughters second birthday party!
These were the invites I created and sent out:
Pinkalicious Party
{I have had lots of requests for this invitation and am now offering a personalized printable file for sale!  $15 gets you a personalized invite with photo in pdf format.  You print, cut and assemble yourself.  The brads I used are available in the scrapbook aisle of any craft store for under $2.}

We had such a Pinkalicious time!  The little girls were all dolled up in their best pink outfits, including my little “Pinky”.  Her dress was custom made by Willow Bean Studio:
Pinkalicious Party

Check out the little wings on the back:
Pinkalicious Party

I love that they aren’t large so they don’t get in the way.
More of the dress:
Pinkalicious Party
Pink, pink and more pink was obviously the color of this Pinkalicious Party:
Pinkalicious Party
 Streamers, cha-cha’s (tissue paper balls), and a wonderful birthday banner (more info below), pink lemonade, watermelon, strawberries, girl favors, cupcakes and the Pinkalicious book complete the tablescape.
Pinkalicious Party
The cupcakes were decorated by my cousin and myself.  Vanilla cupcakes and frosting were colored pink with food coloring.  We used red hots instead of cherries and red frosting for the swirls.  I also made a small 4″ cake for my daughter.  I printed pink sheets of 11×17 and used it to cover boxes and then wrapped them with ribbon to create a cupcake stand.  The other stand was purchased at Joann’s with a 50% off coupon.  I also created the cupcake toppers and they are available for download for FREE!
Pinkalicious Party
I purchased foam crowns and star wands at Target.  The girls wore these throughout the party.
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
Isn’t that birthday banner gorgeous?  I did not make it… Pink Elephants and Blue Rhinos sent it to me and it was PERFECT.

Check out these cookies!
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
They were just as delicious as they look!  Thank you so much to Sugarlily Cookie Company!  Lisa and I traded services, I designed her new blog and she sent me 28 delicious cookies.  And Lisa was so fabulous she also sent me some sample cookies, and let me tell you those were gone in 2 seconds flat.  If you want to make a big statement, consider handing out cookies as favors.  All of the adults turned into kids when I handed these out!  And don’t think that more than a few didn’t open them up right then and there!  Seriously, these things were VERY well received!  For more information on Sugarlily Cookies stop by their blog or their facebook page.

Pinkalicious Birthday Party
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
I created the water bottle labels and printed them on full label sheets, cut them out and stuck them on.  Don’t they look adorable?  You can download non-personalized ones for your little Pinky here.
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
The party favors were to cure the Pinkitis syndrome all the party-goers came down with at the party.
Green ring pops, gum, kisses, peeps and andie mints were all packed inside.  The boys also got some creepy green bugs and parachute army men.  These are also available for download!  They are sized to fit a regular Ziploc sandwich bag.
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
Olivia and her pinkafied cousin.
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
I gave my little nephew Conner this blue hat so he could play the part of Pinky’s brother, Peter.

Present time was a blast.  It was a GORGEOUS spring day so we ended up doing everything outside, including eating cupcakes and strawberry ice cream, and even opening presents.  My husband and a bunch of the uncles and grandpa’s and an aunt or two all played a game of basketball.  There was lots of games of catch going on with the older cousins.  The younger cousins and friends enjoyed the swing set, 4-wheeler and just plain running around in the warm, sunny outdoors!

Olivia loved her present from mom and dad!  We couldn’t get her to come out of it!  She literally stayed in her new little home for over an hour just playing!
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
Thanks to the hubby for putting this together and carrying it out to surprise our little princess.

I used fake flowers from Joann’s (purchased for 50% off) to add a touch of color to the window boxes.
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
How many kids can you pack into a playhouse before the come bursting out?  Answer: 8!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my littlest one!  I love you so much and can’t believe you are growing so fast.  You are a truly beautiful little girl, inside and out.  You are strong and independent, but you are still my little cuddle-bug!  Mom and Dad are so very proud of the little lady you are becoming!
Pinkalicious Birthday Party

Pinkalicious Birthday Party


  1. says

    Everything turned out so great! You are one super organized Momma to have pulled off such a cute party with so many hand crafted items. How do you find the time! Ohhh and Olivia looks so cute in her party dress!

  2. says

    What a super cute party! Everything turned out just great. Olivia is adorable and looks so cute in her special party dress.
    I would love to know how to make the cupcake toppers for myself. Would you be willing to do a tutorial on how to make them?

  3. says

    Fantastic! Wait, Pinkalicious!! I’m definitely showing this to my 5 year old as a birthday idea. Love how clever you were to make Green Food goody bags!

  4. says

    I just stumbled across your page while looking for ideas for my daughter’s 4th birthday. You are such an inspiration!!

    I have to ask, WHERE did that adorable playhouse come from?? I haven’t seen anything like it, everything I find is so chincy looking! Please let me know when you get a chance :) Thanks so much


  5. says

    Came across your blog looking for pinkalicious party ideas, and I love what you did!! We will be using lots of your ideas for my little girls 4th bday in a couple weeks. Thank you for sharing your adorable little ones big day!

  6. Anonymous says

    Thanks for posting your very fun party. My daughter is having a Pinkalicious party for her third birthday in a few weeks and I love the green favor bag idea.

  7. says

    Incredibly cute idea! I do not have much sewing experience, but seriously…how easy!!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!! I know what I’ll be working on next!!! Absolutely can’t wait to try this!

  8. says

    Whoaaaa! I see pink everywhere! This birthday party is splendid. These little girls, especially the lovable celebrant, are very fortunate to live their dream of being a princess for a day with all the crowns, wands and those cutie patootie dresses. I’m sure they’ll all remember this event til they grow up. =)

    Jeane Minter

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