Peace Out

My SIL asked me to put together some invitations for my nephews 9th birthday party.  He had requested a Peace party so I created these invites:
I printed them out and she cut them out and glued magnets on the back and Noah handed them out in school.
I also helped with the cake and cupcakes.  Nikole, my SIL, handmade the frosting and I helped her pipe  some peace symbols onto  the cupcakes.
It was super humid the day of the party so the frosting was a bit droopy, but it tasted YUMMY!  My SIL came up with the idea for the tie-dye part.  She took some gel icing and starting with red she made a circle, then she made a circle of blue and then yellow.  Then using a toothpick she started in the red and dragged it to the center.  Super simple and super cool!  She wasn’t sure how she was going to incorporate the peace symbol, so I suggested Marshmallow Fondant.

It was so good, even if all of our teeth came out a bit stained!
Happy Birthday Noah!


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