Custom Guitar Pick Necklace Tutorial

As you all know I am a busy bee planning my daughters 11th Rock Star Glam Birthday Party.  Her party isn’t until October 22, but I will be gone camping Sept 30 – 2, then I have a shopping weekend with the girls Oct 9 – 11, and I leave to visit a very good friend in NC on Oct 13!  The very next weekend is the party, so I have lots to do in the next two weeks before everything gets crazy!
This is what I am going to show you how to make today:


You will need:

Guitar Pick
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Scrapbook paper or other design to customieze pick
Xacto Knife or Scissors
Drill & Drill Bit
Elastic or other Necklace Material
I purchased 12 purple guitar picks from Musician’s Friend for $3.95 plus free shipping.
Once those came in I measured them width and height-wise.

I then set-up my customized sheet, making sure my “Girls Rock” fit within the size of my pick.  You can do anything you want, a name, initials, or use plain scrapbook paper.  I printed my sheet off on a Xerox copier (the ink does not run even if it gets wet).

I then placed my pick over the lettering and traced around it.

I used my Xacto knife to cut it out.

Grab your Mod Podge and paint brush and add a thin layer to your pick.

Place your cut out onto the pick and press down.  Fold over the sides and set aside to dry.

Once dry you will need to sand the edges.

Drill a small hole in the center top of the pick*.  I found that it was best to do this from the front of the pick and just go in until you break through the back and then pull the pick off the drill, don’t reverse.  If you do, it pulls the paper back through (and then I tried to sand it down and it left it messy looking).  If any of the paper pulls back through just use a pencil and push it back.

Add a couple layers of Mod Podge over the front/sides of the pick. 

Grab your daughters jewelry making kit (they all have one don’t they?) and run a string through the front of the pick.  Tie off or add a clasp and you are done.  

Super easy and super cute!
*I also tried drilling the hole first and adding the paper cut-out 2nd and then poking through the paper into the whole with my Xacto knife.  It worked fine as well, although I was more worried about an air bubble this way.



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    That’s awesome!! :) Have you seen the guitar pic punch? It’s a heavy duty punch that, you guessed it, punches a guitar pic out of most anything… Ideas are endless!! Thanks for sharing this!! It’s a great alternative to buying the punch!! :)

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