September 10, 2011

Rock Star Glam Tween Birthday Party

My daughter gave me carte blanche on her party theme this year, so my cousin and I held a Facebook brainstorming session and ended with: ROCK STAR GLAM!
I think it is going to be a ton of fun!  We are going to have a make-up table, and rock star fashion clothes rack, a Tween Magazine Cover Photo Shoot, an ice cream buffet,  cake pops.  See?  Lots of fun!
I will of course have lots to share, the more I prepare (the party isn't until mid-October).
Today I am giving you a peek at the awesome invitations I designed:

It reads:
Come prepared to party like a rock star, and get glammed up for a music magazine photoshoot.
Ice cream bar, make-up station, and glam accessories, await all VIP's.

VIP Passes to the coolest party around!

Did you know finding a small quantity of portrait name badge holders is not easy?  I use to be a Marketing Coordinator for an event management firm so went to my old contact, but they couldn't send me only 10 badges.  I searched at Staples, Walmart, and Target but they all had larger quantities and I wasn't interested in paying $30+ for the holders!  At LAST I found an eBay shop that sold them individually for only $1.99 INCLUDING the lanyard.  The eBay shop included their business card in the package, and they have their own site as well:  I just took a look and you can get the badge holders without the ribbons for under $.50 a piece!  I had planned on making the lanyard, but I figured I could still spice these plain black ones up with tied on ribbon.

I will leave you with a few more images:

And don't miss my Chatty Lunches Love Notes that I will be sharing on Monday at:


  1. I love those and that they are in concert VIP hang tags! Your daughter is going to have SO much fun!

  2. I've tried ordering small amounts of items like that...its not easy. Good to know!


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