Do you boo?

I am currently prepping for my daughters 11th Rock Star Glam Birthday Bash this afternoon.
Check back soon for the details!

We booed for the first time last year and the kids had a blast.  I went to visit my friend in NC last week and she had been booed and it totally reminded me that we had to do it again this year! 
 I went back to The TomKat Studios and printed out the same sign we used last year.
I also found these cute chocolate bar wrappers at Living Locurto and printed those off to use to dress up the Hershey Chocolate bars I purchased.  I also put together a matching wrap for a Mason jar that I filled with Oreos (unfortunately not the Halloween ones because the store was out).  I have made the jar label available for you to download here.

We went out at around 7:30 Monday night.  Mason and Cassidy sat in the front seat and Livie sat in the back and I drove them to our next door neighbor.  They jumped out of the car and did the stealth run (hiding behind trees and bushes), dropped the package, knocked and ran back, diving headfirst into the car.  We drove a few houses down and did it all over again.  They had such a blast.  They were all out of breath and so excited.  Even Olivia sitting in back was getting into it.  Such a fun annual tradition, where we highlight giving and making others feel special!
UPDATE: I very un-stealth-like posted about our booing adventure on Facebook… forgetting that I was friends with one of the neighbors we booed.  Oops!  Needless to say, she sent the love back our way. The kids were SO excited that A) we got booed and B) they got to do it all over again!
Happy Booing!


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    Hey Kim, I have never heard of this idea before, but it sounds such fun! Is it not a Halloween thing – the pictures look kind-of Halloween, but you were doing this on a different day? Do you put in a note, to tell your neighbour/friend who did the “Boo-ing”, or is it anonymous? Are they supposed to “Boo” you back?
    What fun to have the doorbell ring and find a bag of goodies on the step!

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