October 7, 2011

FFF: DIY Fabric Labels

Happy Friday Ladies! I am off for my annual 3-day Christmas shopping extravaganza with 3 other fabulous ladies. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And can I just say that these little labels would be perfect for the project I am going to share with you tomorrow...
{just.lovely.things} shares a very simple tutorial on how to make your own fabric labels utilizing a inkjet printer and printable fabric.  I think these add the perfect touch to her handmade hair accessories!  I think these are a must have for any shop owner.


  1. Very cute! I would love to make some to put on the back of the hair accessories that I make!

  2. Thank you, reading that was a real Doh! moment. Why wouldn't you use the graphics you already made to brand yourself?? Fantastic, thanks.


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