November 26, 2011

My Crafting Space!

In case you missed my crafting space over on Taylor Made... being part of this series has spurred me to want to redo my basement and make it prettier.  The orange walls did not photograph that well - they really aren't that ugly!  We used this color to "warm" up the basement.  Since this space has morphed so much in the last year or two and it is now my steady crafting space/playroom, I'm ready to proceed with a makeover!  It might have to wait until after Christmas, but the ideas are literally BOUNCING around in my head.  UPDATE: My craft room transformation can be seen HERE.  It is TOTALLY different and I am in love.

I must really love Taylor because I CAN'T believe I am sharing my embarrassing crafting area with all of you!  I don't really have a "room" but I have a corner of my finished basement that use to be my work desk, but since I've gone to a laptop I tend to work upstairs more, so I turned my desk into my craft area.

I utilize the desk drawers (that lock so the kiddos can't get in) to store my supplies:

{see that wonderful emerald lame?  That was used to make my daughters Mermaid Halloween Costume}
I also have these great cupboards where I am able to store some supplies.

 And if you've noticed in these pictures, I use a lot of plastic bins to store supplies.  They are inexpensive and easy to stack.  Separate your supply stash into the different boxes, label them and you are set!  You can even pretty them up if you are so inclined.  In this cupboard below you can see small plastic bins on the top shelf for my stamps; on the third shelf there is a bin for my kids art supplies, and one for my paints, and on the fourth shelf there is one for my paper stock!

I may not have my own craft room but I am very, very lucky lady and have a very large and very wonderful Master Suite where I placed a desk that my husband built for me.  It is an AWESOME crafting space and I spend lots of time up there.

{It's humongous and I love it!}

But I also have three kids, so you will likely find me crafting in the playroom or in the living room so I can enjoy time with them and so that they can give me a hand and experience the wonderful therapy of crafting.  
But a word of advice, don't feel like you NEED to have a craft room or specific place to stay while creating!  Even if you don't have the space, grab some plastic bins to store your materials and pull them out when the crafting bug bites!

Thanks for checking out my crafting spaces!  I sure hope you come over for a visit, you'll find lots of blogging tutorials and free printables!

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