Meet Christina Marie Pop-in-Kins

We have a crazy elf that runs around our house at night getting into all sorts of trouble and having lots of fun.  Her name is Christina Marie Pop-in-Kins and she made her debut in the Conner household last year.  She was a big hit and the first thing each morning from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas Day is the hunt for Christina.  The concept is that she is magic and at night (or while the children are busy) she can move and run (just like a “real boy”!) and takes off to tell Santa all the secrets of the children in the house (you know, like Suzy pushed Bobby and John didn’t eat his dinner)… but along the way to going to Santa’s she likes to have a little fun and ends up in different places each morning… and no, you aren’t suppose to touch her because she’ll loose her magic (although sometimes little fingers can’t resist and then Santa may have to give her a magic boost…).
The location that got one of the biggest laughs:

Eating a carrot and drinking her juice box… the kids are pretty sure she snuck in when they opened the door and then got stuck.  Good thing she had her fleece blanket!

I also found some fun ideas on Pinterest.  This was one of them:

Fishing for Goldfish…  and somehow the goldfish kept disappearing throughout the day, although I’m pretty sure that was my kids and not the elf.  I had planned to use floss as the string and have the floss container hanging out nearby all a tangled mess… but all of our floss has turned up missing – maybe Christina really did hide it on me.  Instead I used, well I’m not even going to tell you what I used because it is really embarrassing and was the ONLY thing I could find at 11:45 pm when I had to get up for work at 5:30 am the next morning! 
The next night Chistina had taken her fishing pole to my childrens fish bowl in the hopes of catching their Betta fish… thankfully she hadn’t already done so!  My kids then put up a “NO FISHING” sign.
And Christina got ahold of my dry erase marker and went to town on the kids portraits (this one got some pretty big laughs as well):
Christina has a brother, Christopher, and each elf comes with their own colorfully illustrated book that tells their story.  It really is just a fun little tradition that the kids enjoy.  I don’t harp on the “Christina’s gonna tell Santa what you did” aspect, I just like to see their faces light up and hear their giggles when they find her each morning!
A few more fun locations:

{Emulating a Willow Tree Figurine}
{Sledding with the snowmen}

{The dollhouse crew discovered a spy}
This location was really cute.  The older kids could not find Christina ANYWHERE!  When Olivia, my 2.5 year old came downstairs she went straight to her dollhouse to play and busted out laughing and then let out a screechy “CHRISTINA!”.  The other kids came running and were debating whether Christina set the doll house people up or if she gave them some magic so they could move and then took it away again.  I love their little imaginations!
What are your fun Holiday traditions?

Oh and this was not a sponsored post.  There are several shelf elves out there – heck, you could make your own!  I went with this one because my then daycare had the boy one and I didn’t want my kids to be like, well why is our elf so much different then theirs?!?  If you’re interested you can get Christina or her brother here.
Happy Creating! ~Kim


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