Top 10 Projects of 2011

I wish you an yours a happy and fruitful 2012.  
I love to look back to see which of my posts are visited the most throughout the year.  Some of these, including the most visited project are from years past, but that doesn’t make them any less special.  I am so happy everyone is still finding inspiration from my creations!  Let’s take a look at the most visited projects of 2011 here at seven thirty three.
 10. Frayed Edge Pillows – These still adorn my bed and are so soft and comfy.  I still love my Master Bedroom makeover and am so happy I made these to accent my bed and headboard!

 9. Anthro Inspired Headband – I created this for the first Knock It Off contest that I held earlier this year.  It was made from some old knee high boots, thread and a recycled headband.
8. Paint Your Countertops – My Master Bath counters are still going strong.  No chips or wearing down.  Although my curling iron stand does leave small indents if I don’t place it on the sink.  I am still happy I did this.  So much better than the “before”!
 7. Weekly Meal Planner – First of two meal planners to make the list!
6. Free Santa Letterhead – Christmas has come and gone, but make sure to bookmark or pin this for next year!  My kids expect their letter now!
5. Candy Shoppe Birthday Party – This post brings back such memories for me! My daughters first birthday was so much fun to plan and the kids had a blast.
4. Sock Cupcake Tutorial – I still love this project and have made several more for teacher gifts.
 3.  Braided Ribbon Flower – This post STILL garners tons of hits each month… and it is SO easy to make!
2. Pinkalicious Birthday Party with Free Printables – This was such a fun party to put together and my daughter had such a blast.  I am so happy that other people are inspired by my party!

1. Owl Weekly Meal Planner – this is still my #1 post!  I hope everyone that has downloaded it has found it as useful as me and my family do.
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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