April 30, 2011

Knock It Off TOP TEN!

I am super excited to announce the Knock It Off Top Ten!
I compiled the top 10 lists from each of the three judges. To make the top 10 an entry had to be on 2 out of the 3 lists... And it worked out perfectly!

Here they are in no particular order:

Ballard Vintage Movie Ticket Plaque by Dittle Dattle

Anthro Flamenco Flower Curtain by Taylor Made

Knock Off Ballard Designs Mirrors by Thrify and Chic

DIY Pillow Pet by Mom's of All Trades

West Elm Ikat Ogee Linen Window Panel Knock Off by {twenty}something

Kinda Antrho Dresser by Two Much Time on My Hands

Mason Jar Chandelier by Life with the Ellwoods
Congrats to all of you amazingly talented women!
Voting begins on Monday so make sure to come back to place your vote!


April 29, 2011

FFF: Craft Couture

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If you are looking for super cute, handmade accessories for women and girls, look no further than Craft Couture.
With little lovelies like this Lilac Blooming Spring Flower Clip
And... OK, I guess I need to stop, otherwise I will continue on and show you everything in the shop because it is all so beautiful!

The pricing is great and the current turnaround time is under two weeks, which I think is pretty good for gorgeous handmade items!

Purchases can also be made via the Craft Couture Facebook page.
For updates, giveaways and discounts take a trip to the Craft Couture Blog.

If you have a little girl or a special occasion coming up soon make sure to check out Craft Couture!

Craft Couture is sponsoring the Knock It Off contest, so if you have entered you have a chance to win an item of your choice!  If you haven't done so already, head over and enter your knock off - you have till Noon EST today!


April 28, 2011

What are little boys made of? #57

Tomorrow is the last day for you to enter in the Knock It Off contest!  You are welcome to link up knock-off's you did a while back, as long as you include the Knock It Off button in your sidebar!  Don't miss out on your chance on winning some FAB-U-LOUS prizes!
Grab the button!

Party Guidelines: 1) please link to your blog post (not your blog main page) so people can go directly to your project and 2) Enter your blog name and in paranthesis add the name of your project so we can clearly see what it is 3) Don't forget, these should be BOY RELATED (Big Boy projects are accepted too)! AND PLEASE grab my button!

April 27, 2011

Sugar & Spice #56

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who sympathized with my ruined comforter, especially The Domestic Anarchist, Maddie, who offered to look around her town to see if she could find my comforter in her local stores!  I LOVE my readers, have I told you that lately?  I did manage to salvage the comforter for now... on further inspection (after my initial throwing it on the floor and stomping away) it only was shredded in one spot along the seam (more hole than shredding), so I folded that part over and sewed it shut... it looks funky, but it is only on one side of the fabric and is on the seam that hangs closest to the wall and when the comforter is against the bed you can't even see it.  It will hold me over till I find something else...  I may even keep it for a while longer.  I just love it too much to part with and I think I salvaged it.
For those who inquired about my dog: He has a condition known as Colitis (an inflammation of the colon).  Basically he has a very sensitive stomach and many foods, especially human food, set him off.  Diarrhea with blood galore (sorry - TMI), and a touch of vomit as well.... on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.  This has been going on for 2 years now.  I finally said if we can't get this fixed I would have to get rid of my dog (GASP!  If you know me, you know when I adopt an animal they become part of the family - they are not something I would ever consider giving away... ).  I just can't keep up with the constant cleaning of his messes plus care for my 3 kids and work full-time (not to mention my poor white berber rug).  

Needless to say, I took him BACK to the vets for the umpteenth time and said "I'm done".  What is the aggressive step because avoiding human food, treats, etc isn't cutting it.  The vet put him on a prescription food diet, prednisone, an antacid (pepcid hasn't been working), and another medicine that he will be on for the rest of his life.  This concoction has been working wonders - no poops, no blood and no vomiting.  WHOA!  But then the peeing began.  Turns out the prednisone can cause bladder control issues and it should go away when he goes off the stuff in another week.  

On top of the Chronic Colitis, Mushu (my pooch), tore his ACL three weeks ago and will need surgery.  I love my dog, but I am tired of all the issues!  I just want him to be healthy and happy!  So that's what I've been dealing with the last few weeks... here's to no more poo!  The next step in our process will be to start an elimination diet to find a super-sensitive food that he can eat that won't inflame his condition.  We'll continue to be extra-vigilant with keeping human food out of his system (easier said than done!  Especially when visitors don't usually see issues with feeding dogs, or if they drop food they don't think to pick it up with super-speed!) and hopefully we'll be able to control his colitis.

Alright, enough of all that - onto the party!
Grab the button!
Copy and paste into your blog.

The party guidelines are: 1) please link to your blog post (not your blog main page) so people can go directly to your project 2) Don't forget, these should be GIRL RELATED (can be for us grown up girls too)! 3) AND PLEASE grab my button and add it to your post so that other crafty ladies can come join the fun.

April 26, 2011

Meet Our Judges

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Would you like to get to know a little more about the two women helping me pick the TOP 10 in the Knock It Off contest?  Maybe get to know their style and their likes?  Well here you go:

Hey everyone! I am Mandi @ Vintage Revivals also know as The MacGyver of DIYers. I am a SAHM of 2 daughter and one very lucky/patient husband. I started Vintage Revivals in July 2010 and am seriously shocked at all of the great opportunities that have come from it. Like being awesome enough to go on The Nate Berkus Show. (Who is seriously adorbs in real life BTW).
I am a sucker for a good knock off project and can not wait to see what you guys have up your sleeve!

At this moment I am hosting the biggest giveaway ever in blogland history. It called "Yo Yo! Vintage Revivals Come To My House And Give Me An Epic Makeover" Giveaway Contest. I am actualy going to come to someones house and redo a room on my sponsors dime! Click over when you get a chance to enter...and good luck!

My name is Tausha and I am a Sassy Gal! Or, at least I like to think I am. I have the blog, Sassy Style Redesign. I am addicted to all things that can be spray painted. My glue gun and I are on a first name basis, and I’m really, really trying to get my husband to let me have diet coke on tap at my house! Really, think about it, how awesome would that be?

I get to go on TV and share with people what goes on inside my crazy head, crazy as it is.  The best part about what I do is that I get to be a mom to 3 chickadees who love my craft room, almost as much as their 
mom does. My sweet husband supports my thrifting habit (most of the time) and my spray paint habit and the habit of being a little tense when I really need a diet coke!
 . sassy clan     tausha_8x10
                                                (yes, we look exactly like this!)

I get to “work” with fabulous people! I use the term "work" very loosely. I don’t consider being able to go into someone's home, look at their treasures, move them around and leave them with a more cozy, inviting and welcoming space, "work."  I call it a blessing, a joy and pure fabulousness! 

I adore what I do! I am blessed beyond measure and I will fully admit to being addicted to Diet Coke, chocolate and fresh, clean sheets!  Oh and blogging. I love blogging! I love being able to "peak" in on others lives and be inspired by their talents. LOVE this! So thank you all bloggers, aka fantastic women that I stalk-multiple times a day!  (this is the totally normal and healthy kind of "stalking.") Keep up the great work!
Now go visit these two totally awesome TV stars and let the butt kissing begin! {Don't we just get the most fabulous judges here at the Knock It Off contest?}


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