Angry Bird Soda Can Game

While out shopping this weekend in New Hampshire the family and I went  to Pheasant Lane Mall, which has a wonderful Target attached.  While there my son came across an Angry Bird board game that cost $18.  I thought it was a little pricey and remembered pinning THIS on Pinterest.  I told my son that we could make the game and he should choose a different toy.  He was all about that and went off to pick something else.  Fast forward to the next day when we arrived home.  I had JUST stepped through the door and out of his mouth was “can we make the Angry Bird game?”  After unpacking and doing what I needed to do, I went to see what we had for supplies.  Unfortunately recycling had already been taken for the week so we didn’t have any cans.  I did have some soda bottles that didn’t make it into recycling so I grabbed those, some construction paper, markers, an oil pastel, ball, paints and glue stick.  This is the Angry bird game we came up with:
It works PERFECTLY and he LOVES it, so that is what matters!  
He didn’t want to do any of the drawing, although I offered to let him!
Total time: about 20 minutes.

And look at that!  You’re getting a sneak peak at a portion of my new craft room, including my new craft table top!  Still have to paint the walls, remove my old desk and make a sewing machine cover, and new window curtains.  My husband is going away on a business trip later this week but I’m still hoping to get it all completed this weekend.
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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    Oh my goodness! I love angry birds- just started playing a few weeks ago and I’m hooked! This is such a great idea- thanks for sharing!


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    My 4 year old {and my huzby, haha} would LOVE this! Thanks for linking up and sharing at Craft Monkey’n Monday! I pinned this project and shared it on the Craft Monkey FB page!

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