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I am so excited to share with you my new craft room today!  I really am in love with the space that I created, and the best thing about it is it is very affordable and easy to create, so anyone can do it.  But before I show you the now, I’ll share with you a little of the before:

To see the rest of the space, click here.

Thanks to Taylor Made, I exposed my space to the bloggy world and then felt horribly embarrassed about how lack luster it really was.  After seeing Taylors Craft Room Series was finished and I saw so many amazing rooms, I decided I needed to get up to par since mine really wasn’t working too well.  I needed a space where I could lay things out, be able to find them and reach them easily and still have the kids be able to spend time with me as I crafted.  So thank you Taylor for lighting a fire under my bum!

So light and breezy, right?  We painted the walls Storm Harbor by Ace.  We purchased the paint with primer included and it only took two coats to fully cover the orange.  I managed to get a handle on most of the electronics that are needed for the connection to my work (I work from home two days a week), so there are much less cords showing.  My phone and headset, routers and such still need to be there, but at least they are less obvious and the sewing machine blocks the view.
We did away with the office desk (currently sitting in my garage until we sell it!).  I built my counter height craft table using 2 Martha Stewart Stackable 9-Cube Organizers, a sheet of MDF that I had Home Depot cut down to 38 x 48 and some industrial strength velcro, which I used to attach the MDF to the top of the shelves.  I did plan on adding L-Brackets, but to be honest, that top isn’t going anywhere!  The idea for the table came from Martha herself (she used her 6 cube storage and a hollow door), and then I looked around Pinterest for other inspiration.  I also purchased iron on Melamine Edging to finish the edges of the MDF top.  My 29″ stools came from and were $80 for the set.  They are super comfortable and fit perfectly under the desk.  I have plans to recover the seats with a colorful fabric at some point.
I sewed reversible dust covers for both my sewing machine and my Cricut and added some fabric flower embellishments.  I followed Stay-at-Home Artist’s method for creating the sewing machine dust cover and then just transferred that concept for the Cricut one.  As you can tell from the picture above, I forgot to include the knob in the width measurement, but I love it anyway!
My Facebook peeps helped me decide on adding two flowers instead of one to my Cricut cover.  {THANKS LADIES!}
I had the two cupboards already and added a 3rd Cubbie unit between them.  The cupboard on the left stores more of my supplies – like my cutting mat, paper cutter, laminator, computer paper, etc.  The cupboard on the right stores business items on the top two shelves, all the kids movies and puzzles on the last three shelves.  The cubby units store SO many supplies, it really is awesome.

I purchased a 24 x 36 piece of foam core and cut it into 10′ x 7′ (and 6.5″) rectangles to use as fabric organizers.  I use a pin to secure the fabric to the board.  It works perfectly and was super inexpensive.  Just make sure to use a super sharp Xacto knife when cutting it and you’ll be golden.

I love how tidy and neat it looks and it keeps the fabric in nice shape too!  I typically buy fabric for specific projects, so I don’t have a huge stash, but I am happy that it is finally organized and not shoved in a drawer.

My scrapbook paper is stored in a 12×12 Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper Holder I purchased at Walmart and embellished with a circle and P.

I used a large Mason jar and turned the top into a pin cushion (kudos to Kim at A girl and a glue gun for cluing me in to this awesome solution) and am storing my fledgling button collection in the jar.  Baby food jars store other odds and ends.   
I went old school and covered some soup cans with paper to store my crayons and pens and pencils.  I used buckets purchased at Hobby Lobby (made a trip to NH and got to visit one for the first time!) to store colored pencils and markers.
I had this extra terra cotta pot and it was perfect for all of my scissors and hole punches!
I added this playful little photobooth picture of my husband and I (I was 17!) to one of the cubbies.  His hat makes me laugh… not to mention the AWESOME faces and leather jackets. 
My scraps actually have a dedicated spot now in this sweet little basket.
I decorated my cork board with sweet mini bunting made from paper and paper flowers.  After I made the pink one my son wanted to make one so I showed him how.  The strawberry one is his contribution.  The “She believed she could so she did” quote is a free printable that I created.
 I also made chalkboard paint using Martha’s how-to.  I purchased two Black Behr paint samples and the non-sanded grout from Home Depot.  I really wanted to make a scroll frame but we couldn’t find my husband’s 3 foot level and free handing it wasn’t pleasing me so I ended up going with a rectangle and embellished it with a second mini bunting.  The kids went to town as soon as this was ready.  They literally colored for an hour.  I did have chalk all over my baseboard, but a simple swipe with a wet cloth remedies the situation.
The playroom portion of the space received a mini-makeover.  I took the corner portion out of our sectional couch and put it in storage.  The couch is now just a normal (albeit long) couch.  I moved it along the wall in front of the TV .  I moved all of the doll houses (farm and firehouse) to the corner where the couch use to be. 
I purchased a 4th Martha Cubby Organizer and used that to store books and other toys.
My husband is talking about buying a 46 or 55″ TV which is why I didn’t move the TV and haven’t hung  pictures yet.  The walls will not be as bare over here once that happens.
This set-up gives us more space and organizes the kids toys better.  I neglected to show it in any of the pictures but we have a ceiling height storage shelf that we purchased at Home Depot on the side opposite from the chalkboard that stores more toys.
I also made new curtains for the windows:
I love the yellow embellishment!  I chose to do it vertical but it would also look great going horizontally about an inch from the bottom or 1/3 of the way down from the top.  Look for a tutorial on this soon!
So that’s my new space!  What do you all think?  I can already feel the creative juices flowing more now that I have this space!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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  1. says

    Absolutely and totally AWESOME! It’s a great makeover – looks so organised and tidy too (though I’m sure you and the kids will soon see to that problem!). I love the little touches you included, to make it your very own space(s) – the covers for your machines, the cute curtain, the bunting strings, chalkboard, storage options, photographs. Really great.
    How about a pin-board, or a “washing line” with clips, to hold pieces of the kids’ artwork?
    I think you did such a great job (would you like to come and organise my space now too?)
    Enjoy your new work space!

  2. says

    It looks awesome!! Sooo many things I love about it! Love the colors, the sewing machine/cricut covers, the curtain you made…it’s all so fun :) Way to go!!

  3. says

    So happy you were able to link up with Mop It Up Mondays!! Thanks bunches for stopping by! I am still in AWE over this room. Just awesome!!

  4. Bridgette says

    Just ran across this and love it! Where did you get your green and blue fabric storage cubes??

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