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BabbaBox by BabbaCo

I arrived home from work on a Thursday evening to find this fun colored green and brown BabbaBox on my door step.  I could not wait to open it, so the kids and I dropped our bags and did just that.

But first, what is a BabbaBox?
It is a monthly subscription box that is delivered to your home with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids. Encourages natural learning, as well as quality family time.
Inside we found some great space related items:

After dinner we sat down and read the included book: Twinkle, Star of the Week.  It was really cute and all the facts about space on the inside cover really interested my son Mason.  We chatted about space and the sun and it was such a great conversation starter! {And this book inspired lots of wishing on stars by my 3 year old that may or may not have ended up with her receiving a new Pillow Pet…}


Mason was so intrigued by the sun paper.  I explained what would happen, but I don’t think he fully understood until we put it in the sun and saw it start to lighten before our eyes.

As we were waiting for the paper to process, we chatted about the sun and how it is really a star and is WAY bigger than the Earth, what the suns rays do for the Earth and to humans and how we couldn’t live without it.  He was so into everything I said and asked many questions.  I love being able to craft with him; having it be a learning session at the same time is such a positive!

As soon a we put that down he asked if we could make the moon light.  We still had time before bedtime, so I mixed the water and glue paper mache solution and we went to town.  Olivia, my youngest, jumped in and gave us a hand and we got nice and sticky.  They kept saying over and over “we love paper mache!”  We ran through the two included bottles of glue on the first layer, but I had some glue in my craft stash and we were able to finish the second layer the next day.


It may not look it, but it was 7:45 at night and the moon could be seen.
The last project included in the box was a lunar schedule that came with binoculars so we could explore the sky up close.  Mason has been wanting binoculars, so this just made the box THAT MUCH COOLER.  He grabbed those babies and went exploring throughout the backyard.  As I was finishing up with the paper mache he grabbed the lunar calendar with the different moon phases and went to figure out what the moon looked like all on his own.  He came back and said, “Mom, the moon is not a crescent.  It’s a half moon!”  I pointed to the first quarter and asked him if that was the way it looked. He said, “one second” ran outside and came back and said, “No!  It’s this one.” and pointed to the last quarter moon.  I went out and checked and sure enough, he was right.  He then marked it up on the calendar, although he did mark it wrong and was bummed when I pointed that out.  I told him he did great all by himself and I was very proud of him and helped him correct it.

Starting at $30 a month you get a great way to teach your kids in a way they won’t even realize they are learning.  It opens up for great discussions while also letting children express themselves creatively.

Learn a little more in the video below:

The great part about the box is that each month is different.  The themes vary and are tailored for children ages 3-6.  You will receive all of the physical materials and know-how content to help engage your kids for a great learning experience.

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Happy Creating! ~Kim
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    I am all signed up and ready to go! Very fun to learn about places like this! I think its so fun to get home with a box on the doorstep and it gives the kids a reason to get excited too!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

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