3 Simple Tips/Tricks for Everyday Life

I wanted to share a few tips that I use in my everyday life to make things simpler, or to just save a buck!
3 Simple Tips/Tricks for Everyday Life #lifehacks

I use to buy makeup removal pads at the grocery store at $7 a pop.  They were expensive and didn’t last long.  One day my cousin noticed me using them and told me a little secret.  Shhhh, come closer… did you know that baby oil does THE SAME thing as the removal clothes?

Actually, it works better!  I picked up a generic small bottle at my grocery store for $2!  I only wear eye makeup and a tinted moisturizer, but waterproof mascara is a bear to remove! A small dab of the baby oil onto a tissue wipes it clean every time.

 Are you into wide neck shirts?  I have several shirts that don’t want to stay on the hanger – they may have had the inner strings that companies put in them, but I typically cut them out because they just annoy me… especially when I find one was hanging out the armpit of my shirt all day!  My solution?  

I add a strip of hot glue to the shoulder portion of my hangers.  It creates a no slip grip that holds the shirts in place.
Hot glue is also a great no slip option for small floor mats and headbands! 

This next one may not be a total secret because I’ve seen more and more people doing it, but I color code my keys with nail polish {totally brought me back to the days when I painted my Recorder from school with glitter nail polish!}. I have a work key and a house key that look really similar so I added a touch of nail polish to the head of the key so that I always know which is which.
Now it’s your turn.  Share with me some of your fun little secrets!


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    Baby oil is mineral oil. You have to use Dawn dish soap to break it down if you spill it on a hard surface. Please don’t use that on your eyes. Use a food safe and human injestable oil such as extra virgin oil oil. Absorbed by skin and will break down with soap of any strength. Please google baby oil contraindications. The cons out weigh the price pros. Reuse the baby oil bottle for your make up bag.

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    I normally use extra virgin olive oil to remove mascara. It is healthier for my skin. We use coffee filters to make tea bags for herbal teas and blends from the herbs we grow. It is super easy!! Can’t think of anything else at the moment due to extreme heat…. just came in from watering/weeding the garden. Normally I would wait but the plants were being stressed and I wasn’t sure what our evening held.

    Have a great weekend!!

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