Knit T-Shirt to Criss-Cross Headband

I’ve loved the criss-cross headbands that I’ve seen pinned from several different sources on Pinterest.

{don’t you love my post workout glow? HAHA}
I didn’t haven’t any knit fabric to make one out of, so I searched through our Goodwill pile for an old shirt.

I took this yellow tank (OK! So not technically a t-shirt, but same difference! – and obviously this was post cut) cut a strip towards the bottom.

It is now a circle.

I cut it in half along one seam to make one long piece.

Now you have your strip and you can follow Fine and Feathered’s tutorial for how to put it on!
I also like to wear it without the criss-cross so it just looks like two strands.  Either way works and is comfy.

Happy Creating! ~Kim
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