August 3, 2012

Linen Closet - A Scary Situation No More!

I have organized my linen closet once a year since moving into our home 6 years ago... but it never seems to stick.  Especially when my husband does the laundry and just tends to SHOVE all of the linens and towels anywhere he can.
This is super embarrasing to share my mess that is usually kept behind closed doors...
{FYI: the majority of my towels are missing from the above picture.  We had several house guests last week and I had a huge load of towels going through the wash}
Let's just rub it in shall we?
{remember, most of my towels are missing... this is usually a lot worse}

I decided ENOUGH was enough and thought that maybe, just maybe, some sort of baskets or containers could help with the situation.  Make it obvious that everything has their place and should GO THERE!
So off I went to Dollar Tree during lunch yesterday and for $6 buckaroos I picked up 6 small and medium blue plastic containers.
While dinner was in the oven, I ran up and organized the closet, so this took a total of 30 minutes!  Super manageable and what a BIG difference it makes.  Even my hubby complimented me and commented on the positive change.
OK, so it may not be as nice as the Pin I pinned yesterday morning from Better Homes and Gardens:
But I'm still pretty darn happy with it.  I still have space left over for the sheets and comforter that is still going through the wash and I really think the containers will help "contain" the mess!
And on a totally different note, I WILL someday own matching towels!
Am I the only one that buys towels to match a bathroom, but they stay on the racks for show while we use all the mismatching towels that were gifted to us through the years?
Oh and yes, I had a full garbage bag worth of Goodwill donations!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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  1. I feel your pain when it comes to maintaining the organized closets. I hate the moment you open the door and realize all your hard work has *poof* disappeared. I like the toilet paper basket. I have yet to contain the toilet paper outside of the ripped plastic bag it comes in. I could do the basket thing. I like the pop of color used with the baskets. Color makes everything happier...IMO.

  2. I think you did an amazing job!! I have plans to do the same thing in my looks horrid right now

  3. Very nice!! Your closet look so nice now! Congratulations!! Every time we move I have to figure out bathroom/linen closet configurations because it seems each house has different sized/width shelves & closets.

  4. You couldn't have posted this on a better day! Just today, I told myself I need to organize my closet....I'm definitely heading over to the dollar tree now! Thanks for the inspiration!


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