MASH – I’m bringing it back!

You all know what MASH is, right?  You know, that fortune telling game you scribbled onto a scrap piece of paper in gym class (wait, you didn’t do it gym class… was that just me?) or at the lunch table.  You’d write MASH along the top (stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House) and then have different categories that you and your friend completed.  After the “board” was all filled in, you’d either put hash marks or draw a spiral until your friend said STOP.  Count up the marks and that is the number you use to go around the board, crossing off everything until you had only one item under each category… that then told the player who they would marry, how many kids they would have, where they would live, etc.
I’m throwing a PJ party for my daughter for her 12th birthday and I decided to make some fun little MASH notepads for the girls as favors… and to give them something to do late at night when they should be sleeping.  Don’t these look fun?  Hopefully the girls have lots of fun playing the game like I did as a tween!
I’ve made these available as a free download at the bottom of this post.  I originally learned that you can make notepads with craft glue via Today’s Creative Blog, but she used clamps and blocks of wood and of course I wanted it to be easier than that!  To make the notepad, just cut them in half, create a stack and clamp them with binder clips.  Take regular Elmer’s Craft or School Glue and smear it along the edge – get it on there nice and thick (I used my fingers).  Let it dry for a half hour (or until it is no longer wet) and you’ve got your very own MASH notepad!
MASH - Fortune Telling Game for Kids
MASH Printable Game

Did you know you can play MASH online?  I think that is SOOOO wrong… whose with me?

Download the MASH Free Printable.


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      Wait! You made a MASH printable too? Did you share it? I want to see! HAHA. I showed my daughter and she had NO IDEA what it was. So we played a round… and she thought it was the coolest thing ever! Yup, this party is going to be a blast!

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    Mash online, oh no. That IS wrong. Half the fun was crossing things out then continuing on your way, mourning that you would never marry Kirk Cameron. Or was that just me. :)

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