September 4, 2012

The Two Little Pigs...

 {cutest little pig I'VE ever seen! Oops... she is wearing the ears backwards... oh well!}
My son and daughter have decided to be Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig from the Nick Jr. show Peppa Pig.  My son could have been George, Peppa's brother, but he thought it would be hilarious to wear round black glasses, have chin hair and be round as a beach ball!  So Daddy Pig it is.
Of course pigs need big ears, a cute little piggy nose and a curly-q tail and I came up with the perfect way to make all three for very inexpensive!
For the pig ears I drew a template onto a piece of paper and then traced it onto felt.  I cut two pieces for each ear and glued them together to help them be a bit more stiff and stand up.  I glued those to a headband for some cute piggy goodness. (These would work for bunny ears too).
The nose is a Powerade bottlecap covered with pink felt using hotglue.  I also glued a pink button onto the front to act as nostrils and used elastic thread to secure it in place.
Lastly I created the curly-q tale but making a small tube out of pink felt and inserting in a pipe cleaner.  I sewed across the bottom to keep the pipe cleaner in place and then twisted it around my finger to get the perfect twist.
I will be sharing how I made the rest of the costumes at the end of September, 
so make sure to check back!
And here is a sneak peek of my son as Peppa's Daddy:
 The only thing I have left to do is to dye a gray sweat suit pink so that he has pink piggy skin.  
Well that and of course we'll have to draw on a few chin whiskers!
What are your kids going to be for Halloween?  Or are you not even thinking about that yet?!?
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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  1. this totally cracks me up this morning!!! haha love it

  2. OH my goodness...too cute! My daughter loves Peppa pig too!

  3. That little piggie needs a pancake!!!!! Super cute! My munchkin is a huge fan of piggies, mostyly toot and puddle!

  4. What will you use for your daughters clothes? We are thinking either Peppa or Olivia.

    1. Good question Kristi! I'm sharing her costume this Friday!


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