Last Minute Lollipop Ghosts

My children started at a new daycare last Wednesday.
Yesterday morning daycare gave me a letter stating that they would be having a Halloween party this Wednesday and that costumes were welcome.  The daycare provider also asked parents to contribute something for the goodie bags, whether it be goodies, trinkets, pencils, stickers, etc.  On my way into work I stopped into the only store open on my way – a drugstore.  I had been hoping they would have Halloween themed stickers or tattoos or something, but no dice, so I grabbed a bag of tootsie pops and ran out the door.  But of course the more I thought about it the more I decided that I couldn’t just send lollipops!  That’s not my style.  I brainstormed a little and thought – hey, I use to make little flying ghosts out of tissue and cotton balls when I was a kid, I bet I could do that with these.  And that is what I did!
I used two sheets of kleenex and laid them flat on top of each other.
Stick the lollipop in the middle, wrap down and around, twisting under the “head”.
Secure with washi tape or ribbon.  I went with washi tape because I didn’t have any thin Halloween colors.  I did rip the washi tape in half to make it a bit thinner.
Draw on eyes and a mouth with a sharpie and call it a night.
My hubby brought them in to daycare today to be stuffed into the goodie bags in preparation for tomorrow’s party! 
Quick and easy, can’t get better than that.
I also thought about doing little witch hat to top the lollipops but I didn’t have supplies necessary to whip up some cute little paper hats.  Wouldn’t that be cute though?  Maybe tied off with a ribbon bow?
OOOOOOO! I just got ANOTHER idea!  How about Mummy Pops?  I could totally envision wrapping up some lollipops with torn strips of tissue… maybe have some googly eyes peeping out?
Maybe next year!

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