Personalized Gifts are so Meaningful!

I’ve already told you guys about how my mom’s family is very large, so we draw family names and exchange gifts that way.  My cousin Rebekah, her husband and baby boy, drew my family and I think they came up with a really fun and creative gift for us:

We love camping so she used camping as the theme.  The “box” that contained our gifts was a camper that was created from cardboard boxes, wind-up toys, a couple of flashlights, large pencils, fabric, wrapping paper and battery operated Christmas lights! Each member of our family was represented somewhere on the camper. {And yes, I made all 60+ people wait so that I could snap pictures before opening!}
Inside we found a ton of camping themed items.  Each child received s’more makings.  We also got a fun s’more book that has TONS of s’more recipes.  The kids each received activity books, and my hubby and I received a card game.  

Rebekah also made each of the kids a bug jar from peanut butter jars and sheets of foam. 
They are super easy to make:
Clean the jars and poke holes in the lids.
Decide what bug you want to make!  Pictured above is a butterfly and bee (stinger and all!), Rebekah also made a lady bug jar – there are tons of options, whatever you or your kids can think up!
Cut out the necessary pieces of foam to create wings and other decorations.
Use hot glue to secure to the jars.
Use pipe cleaners for antennas and hot glue googly eyes to the front of the lids.
Want them to glow in the dark?  Use a bit of glow-in-the-dark puff paint to add fun swirls and shapes to the wings, front and back.
Rebekah placed a magnify glass in each jar so the kids could inspect their finds.
She also created a couple of scrapbook pages of camping photos she took from my Facebook page.  Plus she made each of us girls a pair of matching earrings (even a pair of clip-on’s for Livie)!  It was a great little gift and I really appreciated the effort she put into it.  My children were so excited with all their gifts and that is really what put a smile on my face!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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