Gift Card Jar

My little brother turns 15 today!  Since we still have the decorations up from my cousins get together and my mom isn’t feeling great, I offered to have cake and ice cream at my house this afternoon for the family.
We typically give Tyler money or gift cards for his birthday, he’s 15 – these things are a commodity at that age!  This time I hid it in paper confetti stuffed into a Mason jar and decorated with washi tape:

Cute and simple.
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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    That is really cute! I’m sure he loved it!! You always come up with creative ideas for money gifts! My MIL gave the girls a good one this year at Christmas. She had them on a roll in a box. All the bills were taped together and rolled out really smoothly. She put a little dowel in the box that was the right width for the bills. I’m not explaining it well but it was really cute (and I’m sure a lot of work!).

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