Ridiculously Easy Baby Doll Shoes {Perfect for Waldorf Dolls}

My daughter has a Waldorf Doll that she received a few years ago and LOVES. Her name is Emily.

While playing on Friday night, Olivia informed me that Emily’s feet were cold and she needed big girl shoes JUST like Olivia’s.  What’s a mom to do but deliver? We headed down to the craft room, grabbed some purple felt and a few sparkle gems and ended up with these ridiculously easy baby doll shoes:

They are simply rectangles folded in half with the sides sewn, a front pleat and gems and a bow glued in place.
The best part? When I finished and put them on Emily, Olivia said “These are BRILLIANT!”.
I love my girl!
My daughter is happy (she loves taking these puppies on and off as we play daycare – I get to be the daycare provider, she gets to be the mom going to work) and Emily’s tootsies are warm. Win-win in my book!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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